Holiday Gift Guide, Pt. 1: Black Friday, Who?

Ah, Black Friday… The day that, year after year, inspires you to stay in your pajamas past noon and gives you yet another reason to dread the Beverly Center.  Put it this way, if it were acceptable to say, “I’m so grateful for online shopping” at Thanksgiving dinner, you would have.  So, in honor of this most horrid shopping day (that gives you a most secure reason to stay in), we present a gift guide of some haute options for some of the different folks in your life.

For the wanna-be star of Julie and Julia 2: Phaidon Press’ I Know How To Cook is a more contemporary staple of French cuisine for any home cook.  With some 1500 recipes, it may be difficult to get through in only a year, but this tome will be any cook’s worthy guide dans la cuisine!  (Just so happens you’ll get 20% off purchases from their online store; today only!)

For that person who can’t sit still: Streamline Luggage is just the ticket for the chic, jet setting guy or gal in your life.  With six (very L.A.) collections, called The Aviator, The Editor, The Producer, The Explorer, The Ambassador, and The Executive, you’ll be able to choose a style that’s just right.  No need to tie a ribbon on them, either – you’ll be the only one reaching for one of these from baggage claim.

For the home décor fanatic: We all know them, those dear friends that are either pathological movers or pathological re-decorators.  Either way, they can always use some beautiful accents that never go out of style – candles and fragrances.   Maxim’s de Paris’ candles have the most whimsical, haute Parisian porcelain candle containers that reminisce about the wild days of Maxim’s in Paris.  Barbara Barry sells precious room-specific candles.  With one for the bedroom, powder room, and dining room, your shifty friend can at least keep one item in place.

Don’t fret, part 2 is on its way!