East Meets West

The East Meets West tasting event pitted the cultural culinary styles of the two revered SBE restaurateurs against each other in a friendly cooking challenge that would offer dinners the best of both worlds.

The tone was set in the dining room at Mina’s XIV with a costumed Geisha girl and Louis XIV impersonator circling the crowd to enhance the festivities of the themed evening. But even more impressive was when SBE head honcho Sam Nazarian did some laps through the dining room to welcome the guests.

With Chef Katsuya as a respected Haute Ambassador and Michael Mina as a former cover feature of Haute Living, the esteemed chefs each offered their own inside takes for our readers on the fun that was had by all.

The Best From the West with Chef Michael Mina

While my culinary travel schedule has been quite full this season, spending time in my kitchen at XIV for the East Meets West dinner event turned out to be as spectacular as I had anticipated. I spent a bit of time mentally preparing, and in the end it was a successful endeavor, as the plates from both sides were magnificent and our guests did not hold back from reveling in this culinary celebration.

For those of you who did not attend, you missed quite the treat as I hosted Chef Katsuya for this Iron Chef-style showdown on the first Tuesday in November. We invited the audience to be the judge: caviar by Katsuya or bluefin tuna Mina-style?

We chose the ingredients for the seven-course tasting menu together, and I believe they all worked beautifully, complementing the two different styles of cuisine. Caviar, Tai snapper, ahi tuna, bay scallops, Jidori chicken, and Kobe short ribs all made appearances in the most delectable forms.

Though it was just a friendly competition to bring some fun into the kitchen and the dining room, we playfully determined that the battle ended in a tie, with our diners as the blue-ribbon winners.

Michael Mina
XIV by Michael Mina
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