Unprecedented Access to Far-Flung Destinations with TCS & Starquest Expeditions

TCS & STarquest

 Starquest Expeditions remains culturally aware and goes above and beyond the charitable call of duty.

While traveling to some of the world’s most posh and popular resort destinations is certainly a top priority for those who thrive on life’s most luxurious pamperings, there are many less-chartered territories across our mysterious blue planet that prove far more fascinating for the curious at heart. Many of these exotic locales are unfortunately often left off of international travel itineraries due to their sheer inaccessibility or the hassles that come with using commercial airlines and less reliable modes of transportation to reach them. Adventure travel enthusiasts rejoice—thanks to TCS & Starquest Expeditions, all global haute spots are now but a mere private jet flight away.

TCS & Starquest Expeditions—the world’s first private jet tour operator—was founded nearly two decades ago and is the leader in private jet travel to remote destinations.

The current portfolio of expeditions, which typically run for two or three weeks, covers six of the seven continents. While circling the globe may sound like a daunting process, TCS & Starquest’s Boeing jets, which have been specially configured with VIP-style seats, ensures that getting to the destination is half the fun. But much more than just delivering you to your dream destinations by private flight, TCS & Starquest also ensures that you receive a world-class education and the highest level of personalized services. Whether you are exploring Jordan’s Lost City of Petra, gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, encountering the Naxi people of China’s Yunnan Province, or searching for dinosaur fossils in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, there’s no doubt that your travels will be nothing short of extraordinary.

TCS & Starquest sends along with its travelers a team of renowned experts in history, art,  and other fascinating fields, providing invaluable insight into the various cultures, customs, and historical sites. It’s no wonder that National Geographic, the Smithsonian Institution, the Art Institute of Chicago, and leading colleges and universities sponsor these expeditions. And the company makes sure that each adventure is a private, privileged, and personalized entrée into amazing places and cultures. An experienced and professional tour staff, including a dedicated physician, accompanies the journeys. Travelers get special behind-the-scenes access to places, meet with local dignitaries, spend time with local families, dine in spectacular settings, and stay in some of the most exclusive hotels in the world. They can also choose from a variety of activities and excursions to tailor the journey to their personal interests. The usual travel hassles are not applicable when journeying this way—travelers receive expedited customs and immigration processing, thanks to the use of private jets and smaller airports, which are closer to the final destinations than commercial alternatives.