The Maltese Falcon Yacht: Set to Sale


Just in time to set sail this summer, the Maltese Falcon mega-yacht, measuring 288 feet long, is for sale.

Sailing charter company Perini Navi USA recently put this yacht on the market for an eye-popping $115 million. Featured in Haute Living’s February/March issue “Made to Order” story on super yachts, the Maltese Falcon sailed for the first time last June, awing nay-sayers with its revolutionary technology and groundbreaking design.

The Maltese Falcon sports a riveting fifteen sails with an area of 2,400 square meters. There are five lavish staterooms that can be used to entertain up to 12 guests and house 18 crewmembers (including six attractive stewardesses), and has a revolutionary navigation system called the Falcon rig. The Maltese Falcon is powered by two Deutz TBD60 engines and will fly through the sea at an amazing nineteen and a half knots per hour.

Via BornRich