Airbus A-380 Tickets Go For $100,000


The famous Airbus A380 that’s gotten major attention as the biggest passenger airliner, also featured as the Castle in The Sky, will debut its commercial career on October 25 with Singapore Airlines.

The airline auctioned off the first two tickets for a Singapore-Australia one-way flight through a charity auction where an Australian businessman, Julian Hayward, paid $100,000 for the first class tickets that will provide a top notch voyage to his homeland.

Singapore Airlines, the first carrier to fly the Airbus A380 commercially, put all the tickets of the 471-passenger carrier for auction on Ebay since August 27.

If you wish to obtain one of the prized tickets, get to it as bidding will close on September 10.

To date, Singapore Airline has raised a total of $400,00 through the sale of 100 tickets.

Via Reuters