Ian Schrager to design Marriott Boutique Hotels

Ian Schrager, a designer and hotelier who needs no introduction, can easily be named the father of boutique hotels, hotels known for celebrating the essence of individuality through intimate designs.

Thus it was no surprise when we heard that Bill Marriott, from the Marriott chain, sought a collaboration with Ian Schrager to create a new brand of boutique hotels.

The brand is set to carry both brand’s core appeal, a converging idea as Marriot has a traditionally classic theme and Schrager’s hotels are the complete opposite.

But Schrager’s colleagues in the design field are not worried:
“This is a win-win,” says fashion designer Calvin Klein “Marriott has the resources and infrastructure to manage a global brand, while Ian has the ability to create it…”

Likewise Mr. Marriott feels confident as he explains: “We’ve partnered with Ian because he is unique, and we don’t have anyone who can do what he does,”

The Marriott-Schrager collaboration entails about 100 boutique hotels designed by Schrager for the upcoming Marriott boutique brand, and individual developers, mostly Marriot property-owners, will finance the projects leaving both Marriot and Schrager with their share of the profit.

Via New York Times