CHI: The Perfect Place to Be

A new development is creating peace and positive energy in Sunny Isles, Florida

By Sonia Tita Puopolo

The beautiful mother earth is pulsating with energies. Everything on our incredible planet is moving. The Chinese call it chi, the Japanese call it ki; to the Hindus of India it is prana. We call it ‘spirit’ or ‘life force’. CHI, the breathtaking and spectacular new development in Sunny Isles, Miami Beach, is harnessing these energies and creating a place of peace and harmony. I sat down with Bruce Goldstein and Kevin P. Maloney, developers of CHI, to discuss the project. They were filled with positive energy and positive thoughts as they put forth, “It’s is all about energy and ONLY positive energy.”

The feng shui interiors and garden-inspired exteriors of CHI are designed by world-renown designer Jaya Ibrahim of Jaya Ibrahim & Associates, one of Indonesia’s foremost designers. The son of a diplomat, Jaya was born in Yogyakarta on Java Island in Indonesia, and lived in Singapore for several years as a child, a place he says he loves. Best known in Miami for the extraordinary interiors of the Setai, South Beach, Jaya’s peaceful and calm aura gives one the sense of his serenity and respect for balance and harmony. He exudes tranquility. His inspiration comes from the basic elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, and their need to be in balance. “I can sense when an element is out of balance and harmony,” he asserts. “I have the need to create balance, so I will add a particular ingredient that will create that. Creating spaces that are harmonious and positive is what inspires me.” His vision will transform the interiors at CHI into more than just living space; he will make them come alive spiritually.

With a mantra of, “Your own floor, your own pool, your own fourth home,” it is evident that CHI is appealing to the most discerning of buyers. CHI includes 38 private residences, available for sale by invitation only, an invitation that comes with a $5 million price tag. The price includes 4,700 square feet of interior space, plus an additional 1,300 square foot terrace, all exclusively designed by Jaya. It also includes elite amenities, such as a butler to attend to your every whim and a chauffer-driven Bentley. Moreover, CHI provides the most sophisticated technology available in Miami and beyond.

For those who love to create culinary masterpieces, the kitchens include Viking four-burner gas ranges and ovens. If one prefers to relax in the South Florida sunshine, the terrace also includes a private pool and Indonesian-style rain shower.

When asked to define his style, Jaya graciously responds, “I love elegance and simplicity, and it is important to me to incorporate my Indonesian heritage and roots into all my work.” Whether designing the interior space at The Legian located in Bali, Indonesia, or at any one of the Amanresorts of legendary hotelier Adrian Zecha, chairman of General Hotel Management Ltd, Jaya Ibrahim & Associates can ensure an elegant transformation to any property.

As if an apartment on a private floor is not enough, CHI has a breathtaking pool on the lobby level, as well as two floors entirely dedicated to pampering the residents, which includes a world-class spa, fully equipped gym, and a comprehensive library. The building also boasts a climate controlled wine room and an international business center with state-of-the art video conferencing technology.

Developer Bruce Goldstein proudly points out that his wife Jessie is responsible for naming the development CHI. Given that she received her degree from Harvard’s Divinity School, she is clearly able to speak as an authority in terms of spirituality and beliefs. Jaya was specifically chosen as designer because he, too, has a firm grasp on the importance of spirituality. Goldstein says, “We needed Jaya to be the interior designer because of his understanding of harmony and balance of energy, or his chi. Jaya will reflect his unique mix of Javanese and European culture, creating an ambiance that is sure to please any CHI residence owner with sophisticated and elegant taste.”
The busy Jaya is currently working on CHI, as well as other projects worldwide, including the Nam Hai in Danang, Vietnam; a hotel /condominium in Chicago; an Amanresort in the Summer Palace in Beijing; a country club in Barka, Oman; and a GHM hotel in Turks and Caicos, the Caribbean Islands.

Jaya is also busy helping with the transformation of Singapore, through his project with respected architectural firm Foster and Partners out of London, and with Thierry Jansens of THJP. The team is working on the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island, which is refurbishing two preserved 18th century buildings used as barracks by the British army, turning them into a luxury hotel. Jaya says, “The concept is a modern and contemporary look at colonial style… The interior design, as always, responds to the architecture, and it aims at being a breakthrough of what an Asian hotel can be.”

Goldstein and Maloney are certainly not novices when it comes to the real estate development business, either. With over 28 years experience, Goldstein is responsible for the Sagamore in South Beach, the Hyatt Pinon Pointe Vacation Club Resort in Sedona, Arizona, and MEI in Miami Beach. His company, Bruce M. Goldstein & Associates has developed properties nationwide. His partner, Kevin P. Maloney, has a portfolio of $3 billion, with 150 real estate acquisitions in Manhattan alone. He has created 823 Park Avenue in New York City, as well as worked with Goldstein on MEI. The CHI team also consists of general contractor, Michael Roark, and architectural firm Sieger Suarez. Furthermore, CHI Director of Sales, the wonderful David Walker, is bringing his talents to the project.

The group behind CHI seems to be creating a peaceful and positive place on the sands of Sunny Isles. They truly understand the art of living well, and the beauty of the perfect place to be, which is CHI.