5 Haute Photographers in Dallas You Need To Know About

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In Dallas, photography is a serious business and socialites make a point of knowing who’s good at it and who isn’t. Capturing a heart felt moment at a charity event or snapping the perfect shot of a couture gown at a fashion show isn’t as easy as it sounds, and only the very best manage to be at the top of their game.

Almost like super heroes or demi-gods, they waltz into an event and save the day. No one is ever unhappy to see them, they are the only ones that can put an automatic smile on your face and no matter how bad you think you may look, they make you look like a rock star.

When attending some of Dallas’ most posh events, it’s likely you’ll run into at least one of these photographers working the red carpet. Well known through out the city their client list ranges from large corporate events to high profile shoots with some of the most beautiful women in Dallas. Lucky Guys!

You may want to book one of these fabulous photogs in a hurray because their calendars fill up fast. Here is a list of the Hottest Photographers in the Dallas Metroplex:


Thomas Garza is a veteran freelance photographer that specializes in fashion, wedding, portrait. event and corporate photography. He has been published in several publications and is the winner of numerous awards including the 2105 Best Wedding Photographer by A List Dallas City Voter. He has also been nominated in both 2013 and 2014 as a Top 10 Dallas Best Photographer by A List Dallas City Voter. Having the opportunity to shoot the catwalks of renown designers and famous celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Garza has managed to become one of the most successful photographers in the city.
Thomas Garza Photography, [email protected], 214.236.2050


For well known Dallas photographer, Danny Campbell shooting the perfect image is both a passion and obsession that he continually pursues. Consistently raising the bar of his craftsmanship, Campbell is fascinated by how to accurately capture a moment in time. His artistic perspective to his photography reinforce his belief that every human being is a universe, a galaxy of emotions and a functional work of art. Up close and personal his photographs inspire and engage his audiences while creating the perfect opportunity for interaction.
Danny Campbell Photography, 214.986.0686


As a passionate photographer with a background in fashion photography, Quoc Cong, understands that image is everything and helping his clients look and feel their best is his goal. Recently, joining forces with his friend Danny Campbell to create Private Paparazzo "QC" uses all his past experiences to shoot only the best images for their clients. In this newest venture, he will be capturing fleeting moments that will turn into long-lasting memories. And let's face it, what girl doesn't want to have her very own private paparazzo!
Private Paparazzo, Quoc Cong "QC", 469.230.2843


Bob Manzano is a staple at all of Dallas' most high profile soirees. He is a freelance photographer that specializes in shooting fashion, corporate, private parties and charity events. Known for taking the perfect photo in only one shot, Manzano effortlessly manages to capture the essence of his subjects in each photograph. Passionate about what he does, photography is more his love than his work.
Bob Manzano Photography, 214.289.7627


With over 25 years of experience, Gregory Martin, is an artist as much as he is a photographer. Having a background in classical portraiture, he has a unique eye and ability to capture artistic compositions within a photograph. Martin's use of stylized lighting and unique camera angles provide the perfect setting in capturing just the right moment. Being one of the few photographers that have mastered photography related software to process quality photographs, his post-production work is equally important in his process of providing exceptional service.
Gregory Martin Photography, [email protected], 469.608.9299
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