5 Haute Photographers in Dallas You Need To Know About

In Dallas, photography is a serious business and socialites make a point of knowing who’s good at it and who isn’t. Capturing a heart felt moment at a charity event or snapping the perfect shot of a couture gown at a fashion show isn’t as easy as it sounds, and only the very best manage to be at the top of their game.

Almost like super heroes or demi-gods, they waltz into an event and save the day. No one is ever unhappy to see them, they are the only ones that can put an automatic smile on your face and no matter how bad you think you may look, they make you look like a rock star.

When attending some of Dallas’ most posh events, it’s likely you’ll run into at least one of these photographers working the red carpet. Well known through out the city their client list ranges from large corporate events to high profile shoots with some of the most beautiful women in Dallas. Lucky Guys!

You may want to book one of these fabulous photogs in a hurray because their calendars fill up fast. Here is a list of the Hottest Photographers in the Dallas Metroplex: