5 Ways To Customize Your Engagement Ring

Customizing an engagement ring comes with endless unique ideas to help you bring your dream ring to life. It gives you control over the metal, stone, color, stone shape, and other features you want in your jewelry. Personalizing allows you complete control over your budget while ensuring a quick and streamlined process, saving time you would have otherwise spent looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Engagement ring personalization allows you to attach a deeper meaning to the ring. Custom-designed jewelry is usually of better quality than pre-made ones, as their design procedure gives you control over quality. Also, a custom jeweler supervises every aspect of the making of your ring. This article outlines five ways to customize your engagement ring.

1.   Get the ring engraved

Engraving is one of the excellent ways to make unique engagement rings. Beyond making the ring unique, getting it engraved serves as a tribute to your relationship. You can engrave your relationship anniversary, a quote significant to your relationship, your partner’s name, or initials.

You can also derive engraving inspiration from other things that play a vital role in your union to make the ring more sentimental. With the help of experienced and skilled custom ring experts, you can have your engagement ring customized according to your specifications.

2.   Find a unique ring setting

An engagement ring setting refers to the ring’s whole metal part that holds all the gemstones and diamonds in place. Besides securing the stones, your setting sets the entire design tone. Knowing your partner’s style makes finding the perfect engagement ring setting easier.

To create a unique ring setting, you can set the center stone east-west or horizontally, incorporate asymmetry into the ring, and consider distinct ring shapes and cuts, negative space, and different sizes. You may consult a custom ring jeweler for advice on choosing unique engagement ring settings.

3.   Change the center stone’s shape

Precious stones can be reshaped in various ways. If your preferred ring has a stone you aren’t fond of or want to recreate a different stone’s look, you can change your center stone’s shape. This is an excellent way to customize your ring to suit your envisioned design.

Consider getting inspiration from the shapes that work well with the center stone you already have. You can look at the princess, round, cushion, oval, and pear shape cuts for unique center stone shapes.

4.   Use colored gemstones

Gemstones have many colors. Using colored gemstones can help add flare and personality to your engagement ring. You can use rubies, emeralds, or sapphires in your engagement ring. You can also use the gemstone to replace a diamond like the center stone or place it along the sides next to the center diamond.

Depending on the color you’ve picked, your gemstone could hold more meaning. Talk to your jeweler to determine how the colored gemstones will be incorporated into your engagement ring.

5.   Add a vintage touch

Gemstones aren’t the only alternative to embellish your diamond and band settings. Adding small beads called milgrain gives your jewelry a platinum border or ornate gold’s vintage feel, creating an antique engagement ring.

Jewelry personalization is an excellent way to cater to personal style and preferences while maintaining budget control. Use these tips to customize your engagement ring.

Written in partnership with Shannon Sparks