Burberry’s Winter Collection By Daniel Lee Is Now On Display In The Iconic Windows Of Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York Flagship

In a collaboration between two icons of luxury, Burberry and Saks Fifth Avenue come together to mark the grand unveiling of Daniel Lee’s Winter 2023 collection. From now until Tuesday, September 26th, the new Burberry collection will be on display in the windows of Saks’ New York Flagship. 

Burberry's Winter Collection By Daniel Lee Is Now On Display In The Iconic Windows Of Saks Fifth Avenue's New York FlagshipPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Burberry

Saks Fifth Avenue proudly stands as the inaugural New York partner to introduce this highly anticipated collection, encompassing a wide array of fashion essentials, including womenswear, menswear, shoes, bags, and accessories. As fashion aficionados have come to expect from Burberry, this collection exudes sophistication, innovation, and a profound sense of timeless beauty.

The artistry of the Winter 2023 collection finds expression in its rose-shaped sculptures, a captivating motif that weaves its way throughout the entire ensemble. The windows at Saks will showcase these sculptures, serving as a captivating introduction to the world of Burberry. Each delicate petal, stem, and leaf of these exquisite installations will ingeniously house select products, allowing shoppers to engage with fashion in an entirely novel and enchanting manner. An intriguing seasonal shade, known as “Mimosa,” will envelop these installations, creating an ambiance that embodies Daniel Lee’s vision for Burberry. This immersive experience within Saks’ hallowed halls offers an exquisite glimpse into the genius of Lee’s inaugural collection for the renowned fashion house.

The celebration extends beyond the walls of the New York flagship as the Winter 2023 collection is available nationwide and accessible for purchase on Saks.com and select Saks Fifth Avenue stores throughout the country.

As the curtain rises on this extraordinary collaboration between Burberry and Saks Fifth Avenue, the world of fashion eagerly awaits a new chapter, one defined by creativity, elegance, and an enduring commitment to the art of design.