From Touch To Words: Kathryn Hastings On Uniting Letters With Love Languages

The act of expressing love is a fundamental part of creating and maintaining connections with others. With countless ways to communicate this powerful emotion, from thoughtful gifts to affectionate gestures, each approach is as unique as the people involved in loving relationships.

Nevertheless, expressing love through writing, in particular, has been a cherished tradition that captures the essence of human emotion. This timeless practice goes beyond the boundaries of language, culture, and distance, allowing individuals to reflect and connect on a more profound level.

While many people think love letters are a thing of the past, artist Kathryn Hastings maintains that the golden age of declaring emotions through writing is still alive and significant. In fact, Kathryn believes letters are a universal medium of expression that adapt to the unique preferences individuals have when it comes to communicating their feelings.

“Writing a letter to someone creates intimacy, and while it can make people vulnerable, it cements the relationship and forms an unbreakable bond with one’s partner,” she says.

Kathryn developed a passion for writing and exchanging letters when she was a student. Thanks to her grandmother, who was also keen on literature, Kathryn spent her formative years maintaining correspondence with her boarding school friends throughout school breaks.

As a young adult, she translated her passion into a professional pursuit when she entered the entrepreneurial world. Kathryn launched a website featuring her handmade wax seals and offering guidance on crafting meaningful letters.

“I started sharing advice because I understand there’s a lot of pressure around writing the perfect letter,” Kathryn shares. “Some people think that there’s a mold for each letter, while others claim that a piece of writing doesn’t relate to how they prefer to express love. I firmly believe that letters are tied to all of the love language types.”

So, let’s start with touch – a primal way of expressing love for many individuals. Kathryn maintains that letters convey this love language through the simple act of holding the letter. When a recipient is holding a letter in their hands, they feel the same texture as the sender.

“As they pass the paper between their fingers, they feel all the creases and folds,” Kathryn explains. “They might even appreciate the scent of the person who had sent the letter.”

Kathryn also believes that letters are a gift. Whether people are sending them to someone in their own household, or someone who is miles away, letters are a terrific way to surprise a person with a small, but thoughtful present.

“Then, let’s not forget words of affirmation! If this is your preferred love language, what better way than to express your feelings with a beautiful letter?” Kathryn shares. “Not only can you pour your soul into the letter, but the recipient can read it over and over again, and relive the moment.”

Kathryn feels strongly that the last two love language types, quality time and acts of service, are intertwined. Sitting down to write a letter takes time and dedication, which are a luxury in today’s fast-paced world.

“Taking time away from mounting responsibilities is a selfless act that puts the happiness of one’s partner first,” Kathryn maintains. “The world is constantly moving, so sitting down and focusing on the emotions you share with your partner is as beautiful as it is noble.”

As a final note, Kathryn’s advice to anyone who is still hesitant to give writing love letters a chance is to let go of the pressure to be perfect first. “I understand that some people feel self-conscious about their writing, but it’s important to keep in mind that letters are a limitless medium that allows you to be as passionate as you want to be. You just have to speak from the heart.”

Written in partnership with Ascend