QATAR Airways and Formula 1 Aim to Bring People Together Through Sport

QATAR Airways and Formula 1 are two of the most successful and esteemed brands worldwide. The two have recently announced a partnership that aims to unite travelers and motorsport enthusiasts across the globe.

On the heels of the second Miami Grand Prix, VP of Sales – Americas at QATAR Airways, Craig Thomas, spoke to Haute Living about the exciting new partnership and the latest Formula 1 experience.

Haute Living: What does it mean for QATAR Airways to partner with a brand such as Formula 1?

Craig Thomas: This partnership bases itself on the fact that QATAR Airways and Formula 1 see eye to eye in a number of shared passions which all focus on innovation, precision and sustainability. Both QATAR Airways and Formula 1 succeed in bringing people together through the power of sport. That is our shared visions that brings these two brands together.

Furthermore, there’s a shared commitment of technological innovation. QATAR Airways operate the world’s leading fleet of aircrafts. We continue to strive to introduce the most technologically-advanced air crafts to our fleet. Similarly, Formula 1 has demonstrated a constant drive to innovate and develop faster, more efficient and safer cars. Above all, both companies strive to maintain an elite attention to detail toward safety and security.

Everything we do is grounded in ensuring the safety of our customers and crew. With F1, there’s a shared vision from a driver, pit lane crew and spectator perspective.

HL: What were some of the highlights of the latest F1 experience in Miami?

CT: We were fortunate enough to host a pre-race event Thursday night leading up to race weekend, where we collaborated with one of our partners, French football club Paris Saint-Germain. We celebrated the launch of their new retail store in Miami while simultaneously showcasing a collection curated with PSG by Esteban Cortázar, a Colombian fashion designer based in France worked with the football club to deliver a bespoke range of artisan accessories.

The event was a great example of how we bring together various partners and reinforced the concept of bringing people together through sport.

Photo Credit: QATAR Airways

HL: From your experience and what you observed, what potential does the Miami market have when it comes to Formula 1?

CT: It was my first experience at the Formula 1 Miami GP. I was amazed at the popularity of the races and how many people flocked to the track each day of race week. It’s very encouraging to see that there is such keen interest in the sport.

Miami is a key market for us as it is one of our strongest routes we operate through the USA. We counted just over 195 hundred thousand passengers between Miami and Doha in 2022. I’m pleased to say that our load factor year-to-date is the highest on record in the history of our Miami operation. That speaks to the fact that Miami is an increasingly popular destination for inbound tourists, and a base for the outbound market.

HL: You previously mentioned QATAR Airways operates out of a majority of the 20 Formula 1 host cities. Could you explain the concept behind the F1 Holiday Packages?

CT: Part of our mission is to make it as easy as possible for fans to have access to these incredible sporting events. As the global partner and official airline of Formula 1 and in conjunction with QATAR Airways Holidays (a fully-owned subsidiary of QATAR Airways), we’ve launched a number of exclusive packages for the upcoming Formula 1 races. These bundle packages include flights, hotel accommodation, transfers with services and experiences customers might choose for race day, including grand stand access and VIP experiences.

Among the offered experiences are pit lane walks, guided track tours, and special events announced before each race week.

Another great feature is our Privilege Club members (loyalty program) can redeem their points to purchase packages. So, we’re not limiting their point redemption to flights only. We are making it possible for customers to redeem points for this entire experience, many of which can become a lifetime opportunity.

Photo Credit: QATAR Airways

HL: What’s your vision for the future of this exciting new partnership between QATAR Airways and Formula 1? 

CT: Our strategies align with the National vision of the State of Qatar, which is trying to position itself as a world class destination based on cultural, social and sporting attractions. The aim is to attract more than six million visitors annually by 2030.

A crucial element of this vision is sport. The World Cup left an impactful legacy in Qatar, which will be grow with the first Formula 1 race in Doha in October. It is another testament of our intention to extend this partnership, and there’s no better prize than us bringing an F1 race to Qatar.


QATAR Airways and Formula 1’s partnership extends through the 2027 season. For more information on F1 Holiday packages or other QATAR Airways services, head to their website HERE.