Jacqueline Ball’s Servant Leadership Journey: From Startup Struggles To Digital Marketing Success

From an office assistant to HR Director in New York, Jacqueline Ball found her passion in launching her own company. Collaborating with like-minded freelancers, Sozoe Creative was born, specializing in Pinterest marketing and social media across multiple platforms. Jacqueline Ball, the founder of Sozoe Creative, has achieved remarkable success in the digital marketing industry by embracing a servant leadership approach. This article explores Ball’s inspiring journey and how her leadership philosophy played a pivotal role in the agency’s growth. 

The Beginning of Sozoe 

Sozoe, a digital marketing agency specializing in social media platforms, was established by Jacqueline Ball with a group of freelancers. “We had worked on a project together for a client. We realized we enjoyed working together and decided to launch a company.” Despite initial challenges, the company focused on building a strong foundation by working with smaller clients and capitalizing on Pinterest’s unique advantages for retailers and service-based companies.

Struggles with Starting a Company

Like many startups, Sozoe faced challenges in building a portfolio and managing costs associated with bidding for projects. The small team structure posed risks to productivity and workload management. However, Jacqueline Ball’s determination and hard work propelled Sozoe forward. Part of the recipe for their success is the core values that drive Sozoe’s interaction with their clients.

Sozoe’s core elements for client collaboration include ensuring a good fit, allowing clients to meet the entire team, and optimizing and designing campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Jacqueline Ball believes in the power of gratitude, fostering strong client relationships, and supporting the team.

Servant Leadership: Jacqueline Ball’s Approach

Ball’s leadership philosophy revolves around the servant leadership model, where the CEO supports the entire team, with the client placed at the pinnacle of the organizational pyramid. By prioritizing the team’s well-being, she fosters dedication and exceptional performance, creating a domino effect of happy staff translating into happy clients. “Happy staff leads to  happy clients.” This approach leads to a deeper and more intimate relationship between Sozoe team members and their clients.

Sozoe Creative takes a genuine interest in helping clients achieve their full potential. Everything about their service process from their first discovery call, followed by an onboarding kickoff call, where clients meet the entire team – is aimed at uncovering their clients’ goals and potential. This approach fosters collaboration and alignment with campaign objectives. For Ball, she knows that she is the one responsible for setting this tone in the company. “They [her team] know that I have their best interest at heart and that leads to exceptional dedication to the work and our clientele.” Sozoe Creative’s dedication extends to optimizing campaigns, designing creatives, and preparing for key dates, leaving clients confident in their partnership.

Jacqueline Ball’s servant leadership journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and compassion. From humble beginnings to a reputable digital marketing agency, she has achieved remarkable results by prioritizing the well-being of her team and supporting their growth. Sozoe Creative’s expertise in leveraging social media platforms, particularly Pinterest, has propelled clients toward digital marketing success. Ball’s dedication to servant leadership serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders who seek to make a positive impact in their industries while fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. You can visit her website for more information.

Written in partnership with Tom White