Exquisite Beauty Services Await At The Newly Refurbished La Maison De Beauté Carita In Paris

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carita Paris

After a meticulous two-year restoration and renovation, Carita, the emblem of exceptional professional skincare, proudly unveils the reopening of its renowned Maison de Beauté located at the legendary 11 Faubourg Saint-Honoré address in Paris, France. This highly anticipated reopening welcomes both men and women to indulge in an unparalleled global experience, including a comprehensive array of skincare, makeup, and hairdressing services, as well as fine dining. The venue features a private beauty apartment and a concept store, providing guests with an immersive beauty destination experience of the most exquisite nature.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carita Paris

The Refurbishment

Founded seven decades ago, Carita has always been celebrated for attracting a clientele of unparalleled prestige. The Maison de Beauté at 11 Faubourg Saint-Honoré was inaugurated in the presence of the Duchess of Windsor and a distinguished guest list of 3,000 individuals from the crème de la crème of Parisian society.

The Maison de Beauté’s breathtaking refurbishment owes its revival to the brilliance of architects Sophie Thuillier and Cristiano Benzoni, who reimagined the premises to transcend Carita’s already exceptional heritage. The result is a tactile and sensory experience where contemporary purity blends seamlessly with charm, resulting in an awe-inspiring architectural style that is both monumental and unforgettable.

The various spaces within the Maison de Beauté are connected by light-filled, airy walkways leading to the central courtyard, the Carré Coliseum, offering a unique architectural experience that promises or recalls the exceptional skincare experience of Carita.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carita Paris

Beauty Suites and Treatment Protocols

Indulge in the ultimate luxury of bespoke treatment protocols, tailored to the unique needs and desires of each discerning guest, within the modern atmosphere of Carita’s Maison de Beauté. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into the elegant diagnostic alcoves where a comprehensive skin evaluation is conducted, utilizing the latest generation of artificial intelligence tools and augmented consultation techniques, including visual and tactile observations.

This scientific skin diagnosis highlights the Skin Aura, measured exclusively through a clinical study in 2022, allowing practitioners to provide unparalleled personalized service. For the most opulent experience, guests can luxuriate in Suite 14, named after Carita’s iconic fluid skincare product, or Suite 56, a nod to the date of the renowned Renovateur’s creation.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carita Paris

The first floor of the Maison de Beauté houses eleven elegant beauty suites, including a 17 sqm double suite with a shower/steam bath and ten spacious suites ranging from 10 sqm to 12 sqm. These suites offer a variety of professional anti-aging facial treatments, relaxing body treatments, and a dedicated suite for eye enhancement. Each suite is designed with the utmost attention to detail, featuring modern treatment beds and hairdressing chairs that provide top-of-the-line comfort.

Director Katia Dufon-Schaffhauser leads a team of experts with “golden hands,” delivering exceptional services based on Carita’s renowned techniques, technology, and professional skincare products. Whether at the Maison de Beauté or in the comfort of their own home, guests can expect protocols designed to reveal the ultimate aura of their skin, resulting from Carita’s tireless study, research, and development.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Carita Paris

The Quintessence of Professional Skincare

The objective of Carita is to offer the most exclusive professional skincare experience that transforms the skin and reveals its ultimate aura, whether at their Maison de Beauté or at home. The protocols are the result of study, research, and development designed to reveal the aura of every woman’s skin. The key intuition of the Carita sisters was that light is the secret to the metamorphosis of beauty. Carita’s professional skincare expertise and the incomparable sensory qualities of their protocols bring out every woman’s true beauty.

Carita offers a sensory experience and the discovery of protocols and treatments at the forefront of research and innovation at their ultimate beauty destination. Whatever a guest’s needs and desires are, the Maison de Beauté invites them to take a unique journey.

Carita’s Maison de Beauté is not merely a place for beauty treatments, but a holistic global experience, a sanctuary where guests can immerse themselves in a world of luxury, refinement, and the most sublime beauty treatments.