Rebuilding After the Storm: How Mission PLC Helps Homeowners Get Fair Insurance Claims

When Mother Nature unleashes her wrath on your home, it’s devastating. That’s why you need the expertise of Tom and Tim Simmons, Managing Members at Mission Property Loss Consultants. They are the warriors you need in your corner to fight for your client’s rights. With their guidance and expertise, you can ensure that you receive the compensation you need to rebuild your life and home.  

Mother Nature can be merciless, and her fury can leave homeowners devastated. Witnessing the destruction of a dream home or a large commercial property reduced to rubble by a natural disaster is a heart-wrenching sight. On top of that, getting fair compensation for one’s loss can feel like an insurmountable task when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. But there’s hope.

Meet Tom and Tim Simmons, the founders of Mission Property Loss Consultants, who are here to bring accuracy, transparency, and unbiased expertise into the complicated world of insurance claims.

“We’re motivated to provide the expertise that we can leverage on behalf of others,” says Tim Simmons, Tom’s father and a managing member of the company. “We strive to bring compassion and willingness to those who need a properly paid claim.”

Tom and Tim Simmons’s extensive background in the insurance space, as well as contracting and construction, has helped their clients claim an impressive $3 billion in losses. But it’s their passion for helping homeowners and policyholders in the aftermath of a natural disaster that sets them apart.

As Tom Simmons states, “There are several firms out there that have the same focus, but they really cater to the insurance companies. We, on the other hand, strive to serve contractors, policyholders, attorneys, and public adjusters, with no other interest but to advocate for them and their customers.” This dedication to their clients sets Mission Property Loss Consulting apart from other firms in the industry and showcases their commitment to serving those in need of assistance with the claims process.

Navigating the insurance industry can be daunting and challenging. With the help of advocates like Tom and Tim Simmons, homeowners can rest assured that they have someone fighting in their corner in the aftermath of a storm. Storms may be unpredictable, but with the right support, homeowners, property managers, and businesses can rebuild and overcome the aftermath of even the most brutal storms.

Tom Simmons explains that sustained winds can cause damage to roofs and exteriors, leading to water damage on the inside of people’s homes long before the flood ever reaches it. “You’ll have water damage on the inside of people’s homes long before the flood ever reaches it. But when you have evidence of flooding, you can’t deny that. Usually, it’s what we call concurrent losses: flood damage insurance takes care of the flood line and below and wind insurance takes care of the flood line and higher. That is typically how different coverages are applied,” he says.

“It’s a classic case,” Tim Simmons adds, “where better documentation is needed to clearly demonstrate the difference.”

To make matters worse, insurance companies often send first-level adjusters who have little to no knowledge of construction and policy. They often misrepresent or misinterpret the policy, leading to inaccurate assessments of damage and lowball offers for compensation. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and protecting their shareholders, not necessarily helping homeowners receive the maximum compensation for their losses.

According to the duo, insurance companies have intentionally experienced a “brain drain” in the past decade, resulting in the development of guidelines that are not necessarily based on policy. Tom Simmons further adds, “The first-level adjusters have very little to no knowledge of construction and or policy. So often they misrepresent and misinterpret the policy.”

The Simmons and their team at Mission Property Loss Consultants have built their business around this problem. By combining their knowledge of construction, building code requirements, and policy, they can provide more accurate and careful documentation of losses, helping homeowners claim the compensation they deserve.

For Tim Simmons, sometimes contractors are great at fixing things up but they may not know how to handle the complexities of insurance claims, “Claims are not always in everybody’s wheelhouse of expertise. They may be very good at making repairs and doing restoration, but they may not be quite as adept at navigating the current state of the claims industry.” For the elder Simmons, acknowledging “what you don’t know, you don’t know” is the first step towards creating an efficient business.

The Simmons’s dedication to serving clients is reflected not only in their company’s mission but also in their book “Secrets of Insurance Claims.” This comprehensive guide serves as a guiding light for anyone trying to navigate the complex and often confusing world of insurance claims, making it an invaluable reference for contractors, attorneys, public adjusters, and policyholders alike.

But this dynamic duo doesn’t stop there. They recently added a new chapter addressing the Unfair Claims Settlement Practice Act that many states have adopted, further demonstrating their commitment to helping people who have been affected by natural disasters.

“We felt there was something missing, and that was the Unfair Claims Practice Act that many states have adopted. And so there’s a term around the insurance world, it’s called bad faith,” explains Tom Simmons.

The expertise of the dynamic Simmons duo has resulted in them establishing an impressive track record in handling insurance claims.

In Tom Simmons’s own words, “Overall, I’ve inspected about 22,000 roofs and have handled roughly 15,000 insurance claims for more than a dozen different insurance carriers across pretty much all of the lower US.” With that kind of experience, it’s no wonder that the team at Mission PLC is able to navigate the murky waters of insurance claims with ease.

Mission Property Loss Consultants have grown rapidly in the last six months, thanks to their precision in assessing damage in the field. In the wake of storms such as Ian, contractors turn to their guidance to fill in the legal gaps, while attorneys can lean on their expertise. It’s a model that allows everyone to focus on what they’re good at, scale their operation, and ultimately do the best for clients left devastated by a catastrophe.

With the right insight, you don’t have to leave money on the table for your policy-holding clients. Mission Property Loss Consultants can help you and your clients navigate the insurance claim process with ease. They are committed to ensuring that homeowners receive the maximum compensation for their loss, covering the total cost of restoration.

Tom and Tim Simmons are on their way to help the survivors of a terrifying storm by ensuring an easier process for them to claim their insurance back. Mission Property Loss Consultants is dedicated to helping homeowners navigate the complex insurance claim process, ensuring that they receive the maximum compensation for their losses. With their expertise in construction, building codes, and policy, they provide more accurate documentation of losses, giving homeowners the best chance of a fair claim settlement.

No one should have to face the aftermath of a storm alone, and with Mission Property Loss Consultants, they don’t have to.

Written in partnership with Mindful Agency