Sought-After Master Mentalist Lior Suchard Is Bringing Wonder To The World

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lior Suchard

It is without further ado that we introduce the brilliant, the incredible, the Master Mentalist, Lior Suchard. Known to be the greatest on planet Earth, Suchard has and continues to blow away the minds of millions (including ourselves). As he takes the stage on The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, and many more world-renowned talk shows, his experiments (as he calls them) have viewers bent out of shape, and for a reason.

Finagling his way into the psyche of individuals, we at Haute Living decided to take a risk and sit down with the master mentalist himself (regardless of the experiments he was about to perform on us). With butterflies in our stomachs, it was time to let the wonder of Lior Suchard take over! And let’s just say one hour on just a Zoom call will do it.

Suchard has always been a mentalist before people even knew what a mentalist was. “By definition, a mentalist is someone who knows how people think by observing the nonverbal communication and body language that influences people’s decisions,” said Suchard. At a young age, Suchard was always reading books about body language, influencing, and mind over matter. As someone who considered himself to be shy and modest, he used “let me show you something,” as a tactic to approach people and break the ice. “I wear a Superman ring to remind me that I am Superman on the stage and then off the stage, I am Clark Kent.”

At the age of 18, Suchard went into the Israeli Defense Force for three years, serving his time in a combat unit. Once he was done, he spent a significant amount of time traveling and connecting with people. Little did he know, this was the kickstart of his soon-to-be successful career. It’s all about who you know and being that what he knew was impressive and out of this world to most, it was just the beginning.

Fast forward to today, he has performed more experiments than he thought were possible, which has us wondering – what is his key motivator to keep going? “It’s to understand how people think. When you are a child, you have the element of wonder. You ask questions. You are curious. As you get older, you go into a box.” Suchard’s job is to get you out of the box and become a child again while encouraging people to think positively. The key is that these experiments are actually real. “It’s not about making someone disappear or the spectacle, there is emotion tied in it.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lior Suchard

It’s the wonder. It’s the wow factor that comes with each experiment that he challenges himself to create based on his surroundings. In fact, a key component of his creative process is incorporating a brand’s message into it, especially if he is performing at a Fortune 500 event, which is more often than not. Whether it be The Macallan’s whiskey or Hublot’s Big Bang Internal Tourbillon Full Sapphire Watch that he wears daily, Suchard uses these elements as his soundboard. It’s all about creating something new for his high-end audience and by using the key message of the individuals (or company) he is around, there is no doubt that the interactive acts he performs will stay in the minds of his audience forever.

“It’s not that I know what people are thinking. I don’t hear thoughts. I know how they are thinking. It’s intellectual, it’s an elegant performance.” There is no average-sized audience that Suchard performs for. “At a minimum, I’ve had an audience of two people to 20,000 people, and everything in between. Every size has its perks. Bigger is more theatrical. When it is intimate, you can touch everyone and be with everyone.”

Granted, there is no limit as to what Suchard can do but being a mentalist, he is hit with skepticism. “The opening line for my show is “Hey I am Lior Suchard, I am a master mentalist. I use three techniques to do what I do. Mind reading, mind-influencing, and bullsh*t.” And after taking a quick break from our conversation and experiencing an experiment first-hand, we can confirm that it’s not about believing or not believing, it’s about the entertainment. It all goes back to the element of wonder, not everything needs an explanation, just the full participation of the audience.

To this day Suchard has been in 80 countries, and the list keeps expanding. From private high-end events to bat mitzvahs, we hope you can catch him soon enough. It’s your time to be blown away!