Rev It Up On Land And Lakes With Lawson Sudbeck

From Madison, Mississippi, just outside of Jackson, the state capital, Lawson Sudbeck is taking his mobilized lifestyle and turning it into a journey for young teens to follow everywhere. With the ability to pivot the trajectory of his life at the press of a button, Sudbeck has harnessed the power that lives within social media and turned it into a career he enjoys. From his extreme outdoor stunts to multiple business ventures, Sudbeck is changing the course of content creators everywhere by proving that influencers have the prowess to be successful business people.


Baseball and football satisfied Sudbeck’s craving for physical activity throughout his childhood. However, with the arrival of a pandemic in 2020, he needed to find other ways to release his adrenaline. Coincidentally, the dirtbikes and jet skis sitting in his garage turned out to be a catalyst for his social media career. Creating extreme sports content launched Sudbeck to fame, seemingly overnight, across all social media profiles, especially his TikTok. After accumulating millions of views and developing his digital reputation, Sudbeck decided to venture into the business world, all while still staying in touch with his Mississippi roots, where his following first took flight.

His first company, Lost Rabbit Gear, is a clothing line that offers lake life-themed apparel and accessories that go along with the outdoorsy nature of Madison. He then began investing in LiftFoils, renting out their electric surfboards they call eFoils on his local lake. His affiliation with the brand as a whole resulted in Sudbeck securing stability at such a young age. This caught the attention of other similar brands looking to grow their social media realm by adding talented young content creators and businessmen to their company dynamic. Sudbeck began his role doing social media sales for brands such as Oro Reserve SuperCar and Blocks Nutrition, as well as becoming an affiliate for several other brands like Full Send Supplements and FlexPro meals.

Leading with positivity, Sudbeck wants to transform his career within the next 5 years into something he can look back on and view as an inspiration to his young following. His most recent content has leaned into the motivational realm. Not only does he want to motivate teens to follow their passions, but he also wants to make known the true potential that everyone has with the power of social media. Sudbeck believes in pushing the limits and leaving social norms at the door. In the near future, Sudbeck hopes to start his YouTube channel, where he will showcase a more personal side of his content in order to stay more in touch with his followers. He wishes to travel regularly and have his adventures featured in vlog-style content, something that has been an ongoing dream of his. Along with these plans, Sudbeck is set to release a podcast by the name of “Dreams to Reality” where he will feature several motivational figures as well as entrepreneurial veterans able to lend valuable advice to Sudbeck’s youth audience. Lawson Sudbeck is taking more than just the motorsport world by storm. He is changing the narrative for young entrepreneurs everywhere empowered by the infinite reach of social media.

Written in partnership with Enclave & Key