LOUIS XIII Cognac Launches THE DROP Collection Gift Box

Louis XIII Cognac has just introduced THE DROP Collection Gift Box. Five beautiful 10ml portable glass bottles, each representing a different mindset, make up the collection: Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth and Bright.

The collection comes as an icon for a new generation always on the move, spontaneous and playful, and who enjoys making things their own. The on-the-go nature of THE DROP has the desires of the next generation in mind without losing LOUIS XIII’s rituals for tasting and art de vivre.

Not only is THE DROP designed for nomadism, but it is also a wearable accessory that can be carried with shoulder straps in coordinating colors that match the bottles and encompass the mood of the moment. 


Being recognized as one of the most prestigious spirits in the world, and a pioneer in the ultra-premium category, LOUIS XIII’s THE DROP aims to introduce their cognac to a new generation of spirits connoisseurs who will be bound together through the experience.

LOUIS XIII Cognac is made from a blend of the most precious grapes harvested in the Grande Champagne region of France and features aromas of myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, cigar boxes, leather, figs, and passion fruit. 

To live the full experience, use THE DROP’s tagline #MakeItYours when you post. It encapsulates spontaneity as you choose which mindset to carry with you. 

THE DROP Collection Box is available to purchase in the US for $950 at https://us.louisxiii-cognac.com/products/the-collection-box 

THE DROP is not an accessory, it is a statement. 

THE DROP is not fast luxury, it is timeless. 

THE DROP is not static, it is nomad. 

THE DROP is not anchored, it is spontaneously yours.

For more information, visit https://us.louisxiii-cognac.com/