The Burkina Faso Water Day Gala Aims to Provide Clean Water and End an Awful Cycle

On October 6th, the Burkina Faso Water Day Gala will be held in New York at the IAC Building in order to raise money for the Georgie Badiel Foundation and its tremendous causes.

Georgie Badiel Liberty

Photo Credit: Georgie Badiel Foundation

The Georgie Badiel Foundation is a charitable organization which aims to provide clean water and sanitation to the people of Burkina Faso by building and restoring wells, providing technical training to women in well operation and maintenance, and creating educational programs for sanitary and hygiene practice. This technical training revolves around basic engineering in order to maintain, monitor and restore the water systems built by the organization itself, making it fully sustainable. Educational programs include sanitation, hygiene and training women to become empowered.

Founder, Georgie Badiel Liberty, also known as “The Water Princess,” was born in the Ivory Coast but also grew up in Burkina Faso. The fifth out of 10 children, Georgie spent a lot of her childhood in the village of Koffikro, where she used to wake up every morning at 6 AM and walk three hours to fetch water with her grandmother and female cousins.

Over 54% of the rural population in Burkina Faso does not have access to clean drinking water. 15.4 million people don’t have access to a decent toilet, which is roughly four in five people. The Georgie Badiel Foundation aims to change that.

Photo Credit: Georgie Badiel Foundation

The Upcoming Gala, held in honor of Burkina Faso Water Day, aims to raise money in order to provide clean drinking water to one million people. Comedian, Roy Wood Jr. of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” will host the gala. There will be a performance from singer, Saycon Sengbloh, from the Aretha Franklin biopic as well.

Major supporters of the event include Honey Pot, Discord and @togetherNFT, among others.

If you wish to purchase a ticket to the gala and help this more than worthy cause, CLICK HERE.

Photo Credit: Georgie Badiel Foundation