RockHer: Diamond Engagement Ring Experts Create Customized Rings for Your Special Day

The day you propose is sure to be one of the most memorable days of your life–that’s why most people want to make it count. One of the best ways to do that is by buying your better half a ring that perfectly represents your relationship.

Yet, finding the perfect ring can be a challenge when there are hundreds of designs sitting before you at a jewelry store. If you want to sift through mass-produced rings and choose a ready-made style, there are plenty of places to do that in Los Angeles. However, if you want an engagement ring that’s truly one-of-a-kind and tailored to you, custom jewelers like RockHer are a lifesaver.

RockHer was founded by Jim Vernon, a diamond expert with over 30 years of experience in the industry. When he established RockHer, he surrounded himself with the finest designers, gemologists, and craftsmen in the business in order to ensure his clientele would get nothing less than the best. A highly dedicated individual with an impressive eye for detail, Vernon has made sure RockHer never compromises on quality, which is certainly a core reason the brand has thrived.

According to RockHer, the best ring is one that you design yourself. A custom engagement ring is truly your own, down to the tiniest detail. Not only that, a custom design is made from a 3D Design into a custom mold with your exact specifications, so a custom engagement ring won’t contain any seams or weaknesses in the same way many ready-made designs will.

The jewelry experts at RockHer offer two types of custom engagement rings. Their immensely popular RockHer customized rings can be created online in just a few clicks. Simply choose your desired setting style and center diamond, then let RockHer’s designers and artisans custom make your ring just for you. RockHer also offers custom design consultation services. This service includes three one-on-one consultations, three design drafts, a final design render, a resin model, and an accurate price estimate. Once you love your final design, RockHer’s craftsmen will bring it to life in their Los Angeles workshop.

When you choose your center diamond for a custom RockHer ring, you can choose either a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond. As a company founded by long-time diamond professionals, the team at RockHer was initially skeptical about offering lab-grown diamonds to their customers. The concern was that lab-grown diamonds may not hold the same value and deep meaning over time. However, after asking their customers about lab-grown diamonds, the team at RockHer had a change of heart.

They learned that their customers were impressed by the innovation behind man-made diamonds and that they felt better about buying diamonds that were not mined. Their customers were also happy to get a bigger, better diamond for a more affordable price, even if the resale value of it may not be as high compared to natural diamonds. For the team at RockHer, this was enough to convince them that lab-grown diamonds had their own unique type of value. In their words, they decided to “embrace a new fifth C: choice.”

Providing customers with the best quality, craftsmanship, and value is the core of what RockHer does. Their dedication to flawless fine jewelry and impeccable service has led the company to become a stand-out in the industry and a customer favorite. Their popularity is evident in their industry reputation and their rave reviews. A quick scan of their testimonials is all you need to see to understand what sets RockHer apart from the pack.

Written in partnership with Maria Williams