Battle the Metaverse with Genesis: Jumpcut’s Newest Addition to the Uppercut Training Club

In today’s world, conversations are filled with ‘NFTs’ and references to Hollywood’s latest action packed entertainment. It only makes sense as to why Jumpcut, a tech-first entertainment company, has generated a brand that satisfies both concepts in one astounding product. Collaboratively combining narrative IP with communities, they offer Uppercut Training Club, a virtual membership where members can take part in owning and creating the next action hero franchise. The stories and characters that take part will be suitable for everything from action movies to video games and so much more. 

On August 30th, The Uppercut Training Club officially released their new NFT Genesis collection into the metaverse using web3 technology. Contrary to past designs, the new characters were curated to represent a wider variety of individuals to reflect the reality of modern day. The diversified collection includes an assortment of different faces, shapes, genders, and colors where in the past, there has been a much more narrow vision of characters in the blockchain cinema. 

Included with the purchase of an NFT from the new collection, members will receive a unique 3D PFP of their very own action hero who will be ready to take on their ten-week journey through the metaverse. The characters will be trained by senseis where they will learn to conquer new quests and complete tasks. Members will rush their adrenaline with live-action dynamic fight scenes and will even be separated into three Domos led by some of Hollywood’s most recognizable stunt and action performers.

NFT Genesis has already received tremendous support from Hollywood favorites. The collection has strategic support from partners including Baseball legend A-Rod, WME, World Champion Martial Artist Gemma Nguyen, Bullet Train’s Travis Wong, and Avengers: Endgame’s Gui DaSilva-Greene with exceptional talent from MMA Champ Kimbo Slice Jr, Champion Trainer Javier Mendez, David Bianchi, Lamorne Morris, and more.