John Bommarito Continues Winning Legacy of Bommarito Automotive Group


It’s no secret that things like work ethic and integrity often run in family lines. The automotive industry, and its movers and shakers, are no different. Case in point Bommarito Automotive Group. Extremely well regarded in a highly competitive space for its devotion to quality, and its devotion to car owners, the successful automotive powerhouse has seen its success continue after being passed on from founder Frank Bommarito to his son John Bommarito. By all accounts, John is as passionate and dedicated as possible to the auto world, and has earned the title “automobile mogul.”

Bommarito Automotive Group is based in Missouri and has, at last count, a remarkable 16 Sales and Service centers and 20 Franchises serving the marketplace. Its high-tech auto service centers specialize in collision repair, on top of its everyday services, and stock their own parts to help keep time and costs low. All brands of automobiles are expertly cared for under John and his management team and skilled mechanics’ watchful eyes.

The company offers brand new vehicles from different makes and models, like Cadillac, Mazda, Nissan, VW, Buick, GMC Audi, Infiniti, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, and Toyota. In addition, the Bommarito Automotive Group also has a wide selection of pre-owned cars, both Factory Certified and an exclusive MotorTrend Certified program, all sold at the most affordable prices.

The quality and high standards held by the auto group are no surprise, considering John, the company’s president, was born and raised in an automotive family known for taking pride in their work. When he was just 12, he was parking and washing new and preowned cars, and at age 15, he was already working for the service and parts department of his family’s company. This work experience during his youth provided him with substantial knowledge of the industry at all levels, which prepared him for his life as the leader of the Bommarito Automotive Group.  John’s employees know he is not beyond getting his hands dirty beside them, something which builds lasting loyalty and utmost respect.

In high school, John attended the Christian Brothers College and worked at the Ellisville branch of their company. He received an academic scholarship from Eckerd College, where he completed a psychology degree. After graduating with honors, John pursued and was accepted to obtain his medical degree at Stanford University Medical School. While taking a break from his studies before attending medical school, his desire for cars kept burning, so he decided to go for it.

John’s early days working full-time in the automotive industry started by selling new Mazdas and working at the company’s Nissan location. He quickly was promoted through the Automotive ranks, becoming the General Manager of Missouri’s #1 selling Nissan location. As Cellphones became the next hottest commodity, he transferred over to be the general manager of Bommarito Automotive Group’s nationwide division subsidiary, Bommarito Cellular. After years of setting record-breaking sales, developing the now-infamous “Buy a Car Get a Phone Program” with over 300 dealers around the country, and establishing 60 retail stores for the subsidiary, John decided his work was done here and decided to shift back to the family automotive enterprise.

In 1992, John bought an Oldsmobile-Cadillac dealership from General Motors, using what he’d saved throughout his career. As General Motors, now the youngest Cadillac Dealer, this decision paved the way for additional franchises, becoming part of Bommarito Automotive Group’s family with the Mazda St. Peter location. Soon after, the St. Peter’s store received an award as one of Mazda’s 40 most prestigious dealerships across the U.S.

More locations and franchises were added to Bommarito Automotive Group, including the addition of Suzuki to its Ellisville location by September 2001. One challenge John faced was when General Motors decided to phase out Oldsmobile as well as Suzuki. He solved this dilemma by adding more brands and models to his company, including the Buick franchise in 2004 and Honda and Volkswagen in 2006. Building on this success, he continued to grow the empire to over 20 franchises and 9 Preowned Centers in the Missouri marketplace.

Today, Bommarito Automotive Group is one of the most well-established automotive companies in the country, ranking 71 out of over 17,000 dealers, and the top automotive group in Missouri. John used his vision, determination, and hard work to make this success possible. He kept a watchful eye on opportunities to ensure his company’s growth through the years. John promises to stay true to his company’s mission, which is to have one Bommarito vehicle for every type of buyer and in every driveway.

Don’t bet against him is smart advice.

Written in partnership with Ascend