How Cars & Crypto is Making it Possible for People to Drive the Luxury Car of their Dreams

Photo Credit: Mph Club (Cars & Crypto Miami Partner)

There are only a few ways that you can drive the car of your dreams. You can borrow your friend’s luxury car to drive around the neighborhood, rent one for thousands of dollars per day for a one-time experience, or if you’re a millionaire, sure you can splurge some money into buying a Lamborghini though it may not be the wisest investment.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Centurion Lifestyle Los Angeles

But what if there is another way? One more affordable, and with added value? 

Connor O’Hara, CEO & Co-Founder, and the team at Cars & Crypto have devised an ingenious way to allow people to drive the car of their dreams. Using Web 3 technology, their team of entrepreneurs and auto enthusiasts created a platform that lets you drive these luxury cars by simply holding a unique and exclusive membership in the form of an NFT. 

The Cars and Crypto company is the first national Luxury Auto Club Membership utilizing Blockchain Technology while redefining the future of memberships in any aspect. They have managed to innovate the high-end auto rental business, with exciting visions for the future. Connor, along with fellow co-founders Cory & Danny, is committed to building a community and membership value that serves their members, paving the way into the future.

Cars & Crypto’s unique business and membership are empowering members, by creating an opportunity to own an asset, rather than losing value in a typical membership. Being a holder of their membership card or multiple cards means you not only are a member with tremendous, real-world utility… you own an asset.

When you’ve had enough fun, you can transfer or sell your membership as you wish. Though with upgrading features, the memberships become deflationary lowering the circulating supply and raising demand in the market. In this case, holding long term seems to be the most valuable proposition. 

Photo Credit: Cars and CryptoHow it works

Members earn daily points perpetually that never expire, naturally driving up the value of each membership card. As points build over time, you can redeem them for rental days, allowing you to drive your once dreamed-of cars with a buy once, drive forever membership. That is, as long as you retain their beautifully designed digital member card. 

Other benefits of becoming a member include: 

Access to a high-performance networking community that connects enthusiasts who share similar passions in Web 3.0, high-end automobiles, luxury lifestyles, and the world of investing. They also discussed using points for giveaways you wouldn’t want to miss, and apparel to cruise along in style.

The opportunity to drive luxury vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, and more has never been more accessible. All members start as Gold, yet can upgrade to Platinum, and even a Black card option will be released for the true passionate drivers.

Cars and Crypto is available in Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Houston. But will soon be expanding to other major cities across the country, and with their relationships, even globally. Once you become an exclusive member, you’re set for life in any location.

You can check out the Cars & Crypto website and join their Discord to stay up to date, and learn more about how Cars & Crypto will revolutionize how you drive the hottest luxury & exotic cars. As a reader of Haute Living, you can sign up for the pre-sale link which offers a limited supply of discounted memberships here. We’ll see you on the road!

Photo Credit: Cars and Crypto