Chris Choi Is A Businessman And Influencer With Life-Changing Advice

When the words “drop-out” are used to describe someone, what comes to mind? Most likely an individual who is lazy, unmotivated, or lacks ambition. Contrary to public opinion, being a dropout does not make you unsuccessful. Perhaps the most evident of these cases is seen through entrepreneur mogul and social media influencer, Chris Choi. As a dental school dropout, Chris generates significant monthly revenue- well beyond the average income of graduate students. Luckily for his dedicated social media following, Choi happily shares his path to success, which centers around a few core principles: mindset, mentorship, and his “seven rules.”

Chris Choi, born July of 1991 in South Korea, has always been an overachiever. After earning a double major in human biology and psychology, Chris moved on to a graduate dental program where he made a bold decision– drop out and commit to financial freedom. With $4,000 from a credit card and $4,000 in his pocket, Choi took a leap of faith. His first endeavor involved the sub-renting industry, where he rented a simple one-bedroom apartment through Airbnb. Seven years and over 100 Airbnb’s later, Mr. Choi is projected to hit the 10-million-dollar revenue mark by the end of 2022. Moreover, Chris holds a plethora of other diverse investments and plans such as a real-estate tech company, restaurants, a golf business, a luxury car-rental business, and a premium concierge service. As a top 1% Airbnb earner, and the most followed Airbnb mentor/educator on Instagram, Chris Choi is revolutionizing the mainstream conception of success.

How did he do it? How did he become so successful, on a whim? This is a question that pertains to daily activities– success is not an event, it is a pattern. “Happiness and success require a lifetime of habitual excellence” in all areas (Shanar, A Search for Truth). To become the best version of yourself is not impossible, it is simply a matter of taking the initiative. Choi embodies the importance of having this particular mindset, as he tells us “[he is] a big believer that all success comes down to 20% skill and 80% psychology– the mindset.” How does one attain such a proactive mindset? Well, Choi recommends finding yourself helpful mentors.

Mentorship is “the biggest shortcut to success,” Choi says. He explains that working smart is just as, if not more important, than working hard. Finding a mentor who is already successful in the area you wish to perform well in may prove invaluable. Choi provides an example of a personal trainer– “If you desire to better your health and body, then you’d want to learn from a personal trainer who’s already living that healthy lifestyle. It’s the same with business. You want to learn from a business owner who’s at least 10 years ahead of you, and actively living that lifestyle.” Choi further describes the importance of mentorship by discussing the direct implications of good judgment on successful outcomes. Where does good judgment come from? From past experiences, the consequences of your bad judgments. “To skip over the problems that bad judgments entail, find a mentor to give you guidance and strategies that will help you avoid making those critical mistakes that they themselves made prior.” (Chris Choi) Aptly, Choi has mentors across many aspects of his life– business mentors, health mentors, relationship mentors, and spiritual mentors.

Now, Imagine that you have the mindset and the mentors, what’s next? Now, your journey begins. Along the way, though, Choi offers seven core pieces of life advice described as principles “that truly helped [him] become financially free by age 30.”

Rule 1: Don’t go broke trying to look rich.

         “Too many people live way above their means to look rich. Instead of spending money to buy liabilities, learn to buy assets that can make you money in your sleep.”

Rule 2: Choose who you spend your time with carefully.

         “Being picky with your time and who you spend your time with is crucial… You will be the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with- your health, how you communicate, personality, and even your income.”

Rule 3: Stop working hard for money.

         “Instead, figure out a way to make your money work hard for you… [build] a stable passive income source. If not, you will end up working for the rest of your life.”

Rule 4: Don’t give a F***.

“When you stop caring about other people’s opinion about you, you become happier.”

Rule 5: Fix your posture and dress nicely.

This “[brings both confidence [and professionalism]”– essential aspects of a businessman.

Rule 6: Choose your life’s mate carefully.

         “Your romantic partner will bring 90% of your happiness or misery.”

Rule 7: Stop waiting for the perfect time.

         “Or else you will be waiting for the rest of your life.”

With wisdom well beyond his years, Chris Choi shows no signs of retreat. When he’s not managing his many business endeavors, he is taking time to read, exercise, eat well, and, as expected, brainstorm novel business ideas. As well, Choi enjoys teaching others how to become successful in life. Each month, Choi selects 10-15 mentees eagerly awaiting their opportunity to join the Airbnb industry. These individuals are those who Choi deems an appropriate fit for his expertise. He acts to show his mentees how to use their potential in prosperous ways. His undeniable drive, commitment to success, and willingness to assist others are nothing short of remarkable. Consequently, it is likely no surprise that Mr. Chris Choi boasts over 1.4 million Tik Tok followers and 244k Instagram followers, all eagerly awaiting the millionaire mogul’s next inspirational, educational, and resourceful piece of content.

Written in partnership with Tedfuel