Holiday Swap Is Disrupting the Traditional Travel Experience With Its Signature Home Exchange Platform

The past decade has seen Airbnbs dominate the industry, usurping mainstream rentals, hotels, and other traditional forms of accommodations as the go-to choice of individuals and families who wish to see more of the world. However, it has seen serious competition with the growth in popularity of the practice of staying in another person’s home while they bed down in yours. Home-swapping, which rose to prominence even further thanks to the hit 2006 movie The Holiday, is now one of the top choices, especially for those ridden with anxiety around shared spaces because of COVID-19. Among the leaders in this space is Holiday Swap, a forward looking-venture that continues to make it possible for individuals and their loved ones to enjoy a safe and affordable vacation through its signature app. 

Widely heralded as a powerhouse in the industry, Holiday Swap was founded by James Asquith, a London banker who holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest man to visit all 196 countries in the world. At the heart of this company is the recognition of the wonders of traveling and the difference it can make when people get to enjoy their highly anticipated reprieve from the hustle and bustle of life.

Currently, Holiday Swap is home to an award-winning home exchange platform strategically designed for travelers to securely swap and host their homes for $1 per person per night. Its app, which boasts over half a million users across 185 countries, allows individuals to choose from a selection of subscription plans. 

Since its launch, Holiday Swap has helped students, virtual nomads, and other travelers explore the world without spending an arm and a leg. By taking the worry over the cost of having a bed to sleep in off of the backs of its clients, this brainchild of James Asquith enables people to allocate their budget toward flights and tours and pay less attention to the expense that usually comes hand in hand with booking accommodations. 

Free to download on both the App Store and Playstore, Holiday Swap lets users decide whether they want to be a guest, simply host travelers, or swap homes at the same time. In September, the app released its latest updates, which include improvements in the chat interface and search results as well as new features like the ability to create multiple spaces linked to one’s profile, eases the process of home-swapping even further. To celebrate the update, the app is doing a $10,000 giveaway, with details on how to join on their Instagram.

So far, Holiday Swap has managed to leave an incredible impression among its user base. Voted by Forbes as one of the top 20 companies for social good and considered “The Best Home-Sharing Platform” by LUX Life Magazine, it ups the traveling experience through its emphasis on affordability and convenience. In the years to come, this purpose-driven venture hopes to snag more accomplishments under its belt and make traveling as smooth-sailing as possible for 50 million users. More than anything else, it also aims to disrupt the industry and change the way people travel. 

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Written in partnership with Holiday Swap