Alessandro Michele Introduced A New Concept During Milan Fashion Week: The Gucci Vault

The Gucci Vault
Styling by Alex Harrington

Photo Credit: Max Siedentopf

As Milan Fashion Week returned to the runways this season, the absence of the highly-anticipated Gucci runway show to open the week was definitely on everyone’s minds. Over the past few seasons, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele immersed the audience into the eternal world of Gucci through stunning shows of new designs and elaborate sets—making it one of the most memorable moments of Milan Fashion Week. And while there was no immaculate show this year, Gucci still had a presence by introducing Michele’s latest project: The Gucci Vault. Gucci debuted its new online concept through an exhibition in Milan, further revealing Michele’s love for beauty, dreams, passion, and the search for ideas that go beyond the confines of time and space.

An experimental online space offering limited, exclusive vintage designs from the House and featuring exclusive pieces from emerging designers, the Gucci Vault is a testament to Michele’s belief that the past, present, and future can co-exist through the power of the imagination. 

“For me, shopping isn’t simply about buying things. It is about establishing a connection with them, entering into a relationship. It is precisely this bond that has grown today,” reveals Michele. “In my mind, I always had the idea to create a place in constant evolution where ‘impossible’ conversations between objects from different origins, creators, and eras could take place: central figures in a dialogue between past and present, able to spark future inspiration. I said to myself: ‘Why can’t a fashion house with a creative director also have a space for expressive, aesthetic, and social contaminations?’. I created it using the most befitting medium of our time – a place where all of us can go – the Web. And there, we concocted a laboratory; a mine of ideas, oddities, and unlikely encounters, considering that Gucci is a platform for gatherings of characters who seemingly have nothing in common. Therefore, Vault, is the place where wonders will hybridize and come together, giving life to new creations. Gucci’s greatest gift, in the end, is to never stay the same; to never grow old.”

The Gucci Vault
Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele

Photo Credit: Giovanni Attili

The Gucci Vault will feature restored and customized one-of-a-kind archive pieces, handpicked by Michele and the House’s expert archivists with pieces numbered and delivered in its own unique “made-to-measure” packaging. Inspired by multimedia concept stores from the ‘90s, the Gucci Vault is also a platform for emerging designers around the world. The first to be featured include Ahluwalia, Shanel Campbell, Stefan Cooke, Cormio, Charles de Vilmorin, JORDANLUCA, YUEQI QI, Rave Review, Gui Rosa, Bianca Saunders, Collina Strada, Boramy Viguier, and Rui Zhou. 

The Gucci VaultPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Gucci

The Gucci VaultPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Gucci

“I live because I breathe different energies. Fashion, today, needs oxygen from the outside,” affirms Michele. Versatile and multi-faceted, the Gucci Vault sets a new precedent for online shopping that goes beyond the traditional. To visit the Gucci Vault, click here