HealthGAINS: The Answer To Aging Better

HealthGAINSPhoto Credit: HealthGAINSAs a person ages, they begin to feel the vague creep of time throughout their body. For many, this begins manifesting as stubborn weight and a lack of energy and motivation. As time goes on, a person might notice a drop in libido, an increasingly tired appearance, or limitations on physical performance and strength. When a person talks about their fear of getting “old,” these are typically the symptoms they’re referring to. And while it’s often impossible to avoid these changes within the body, it is possible to mitigate their impact on a person’s life by fine-tuning their health and lifestyle.

For the entirety of human history, aging has been the ultimate underlying health condition. Look back at history and you’ll see that it’s filled with alchemists, sorcerers, scientists, and doctors who have all sought ways to overcome the challenges that normally accompany age. While the key to unlocking true immortality remains elusive, the pursuit has produced many medical advances that have given us the ability to live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Comprehensive Healthcare

One quirk of contemporary healthcare is how standardized medicine has become. While symptomatic treatment has had positive impacts on client health and outcomes, it’s not always the perfect choice for dealing with systemic challenges like aging.

Symptoms and severity can vary wildly from person to person, which is why precise, comprehensive care has exploded in popularity amongst healthcare professionals.

At HealthGAINS, we approach comprehensive healthcare by evaluating the entire person to figure out the root cause of the symptoms they’re experiencing. We look at everything from hormone levels and family history to diet and lifestyle to create a complex and comprehensive picture of their current health.

Here’s an example: I’m a generally healthy person, so if you were to ask me what my nutrition was like, I’d say it was pretty good. Without probing further, you would probably rule out diet as a contributor to my condition. An example of a comprehensive approach would be to ask me what I eat. Then, you’d find out that I eat pretty clean during the day and at work, but after six I have a weak spot for fast food or sweets.

Balance and Optimization

To solve complex problems like those associated with aging, it’s important to look at things differently. For us, the goal is to restore balance and provide optimization by improving the characteristics that typically decline with age. Our team works to create a diagnostic picture of your health, the symptoms you’re experiencing, and how they affect the quality of your personal and professional lives.

A comprehensive care plan doesn’t mean that treatment will suddenly unlock dormant superpowers that don’t naturally exist. Professional, medically supervised therapy isn’t meant to do that.

Overstimulation of any bodily system can trigger a whole host of troubling symptoms. Too much testosterone in the system, for example, can lead to aggression and irritability and if left untreated can lead to impotence, prostate enlargement, and a heightened risk of heart attack or disease. Both men and women who take testosterone must balance it alongside their progesterone and estrogen levels to avoid complications. Still, bringing balance to a person’s body is only one way of improving a client’s quality of life.

Sometimes, what’s required isn’t balance, but optimization. At our clinic, we purposely maximize natural processes within the body to improve strength, efficiency, and longevity. Optimization not only improves the general health of an individual, but can also reduce the strain of aging on a cellular level to prevent illness, avoid acute and chronic pain, and improve the body’s self-healing and self-regulating abilities.

Testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are all examples of systems that work best when balanced. Because of the dangers posed to a person’s heart and cardiovascular system, it’s essential to keep an eye on these levels and make adjustments as needed. When any of these systems are overstimulated, they often lead to complex, often uncomfortable symptoms that would have been otherwise avoided.

To solve other problems, optimization is the more appropriate choice. The purpose of optimization is to achieve the best possible outcomes relative to factors like hormone levels and gland production. The purpose here isn’t to supplement an exhausted system, but rather to instigate the body’s self-healing mechanisms to treat a specific age-related issue or symptom.

Improving the body’s innate, natural ability to deal with illness and disease also enables the body to switch from a state where it is constantly staving off crises to one where specific issues can be identified and dealt with before they affect other systems of the body as a whole.

HealthGAINSPhoto Credit: HealthGAINSA Better Process

Many of the clients we see come to us for preventative care. An ounce of prevention and all that. The majority, however, have sought us out to deal with specific complaints.

I just don’t have the energy anymore.

Everything aches.

I can’t seem to lose this stubborn weight!

Most adults are at least familiar with the frustrations that typically accompany aging. For many, solutions can be elusive, confusing, or in many cases, contradictory. Hours spent Googling might only produce a list of (downright frightening) symptoms, but no actionable information.

At HealthGAINS, we look at the entire health journey for our clients. From the onset, we collect and examine hundreds of data points to create a general picture of what might be going on inside of the body. From there, our experienced medical team meets our clients face-to-face (in person or via telehealth) and investigates all the opportunities there may be for improving a client’s quality of life.

This has been one of the biggest contributors to HealthGAINS’ growth to become one of South Florida’s largest anti-aging clinics. And because we know better than most that the treatment is only the beginning of the healing process and not the end, we offer all patients ongoing support and care through our team of Wellness Concierges who are there to help provide day-to-day support while also serving as a liaison to the medical team. This creates incredible convenience for the client and helps them avoid the challenges and side effects that can sometimes be experienced on non-specific treatment plans.

HealthGAINSPhoto Credit: HealthGAINSAn Answer for Aging

As you grow older, your goal may not be to overcome the same challenges as someone else facing similar circumstances, but by exploring the benefits that personalized, comprehensive care can offer, you will absolutely find a solution that is right for you. This is certain to unlock a world of possibilities, allowing you to really begin to enjoy life and accomplish remarkable things.

Overcoming the limitations of age and unlocking your full potential is easy with HealthGAINS and starting is as simple as having a quick conversation with one of our experienced Wellness Advisors. They’re happy to leverage their years of experience to help you articulate the issues you’re experiencing and get you face-to-face with a team that is totally invested in your success and happiness. Call 866-609-9122 today to find out more about the innovative programs we offer or to get started on your path to better health today.