Top 10 Realtors To Follow On Instagram

Photo Credit: AscendBuying a new home has always been a difficult task especially during this time of the pandemic since it is not easy to reach specific, distant places. There is, however, a way with this the interested people can start hunting for the house from their current locations. The internet has become the go-to resource for would-be homeowners as they prepare to purchase a home and real estate agents need to be making the most of it. Because of the increasing popularity of Instagram, it is being used by real estate agents as well, to approach potential clients. We have collected some of the most inspiring and helpful Instagram accounts of the top 10 realtors to follow on Instagram. Today’s realtors know that to be successful in the business, you have got to cover all of your marketing channels including social media. You need to follow these top 10 realtors on Instagram to get a better view of real estate agencies.

Instagram has risen to the top as an incredibly powerful and successful instrument in many realtor’s marketing arsenals. Instagram is so popular right now for business especially real estate because it leads the realtors and customers to more loyal leads. Potential clients instantly get a sense of your style and who you are as a real estate agent. It is also a very known fact that the Instagram crowd has more money than those on Facebook and Twitter. As for the clients also, Instagram remains the best platform to find the REAL real estate agent. Following the top real estate influencers on Instagram also helps the clients and other crowds to get inspiration, real estate tips, and local advice.

Not sure where to start, though? We scoured Instagram for some best real estate investing Instagram accounts to follow. These realtors keep posting business-related posts that keep their followers coming back for more. So, without ado: here are the top 10 best real estate influencers on Instagram:

1.Reid Heidenry:

Top producer with One Sotheby’s International Realty, Reid Heidenry is a Luxury Real Estate Agent specializing in Miami Beach, Florida. Reid represents both buyers and sellers of condos and houses. After he graduated from the University of Miami in 2006  with a degree in business, he moved to the burgeoning real estate industry in Miami. After 15 years of hard work, Heidenry is now considered one of the top and most successful real estate agents. He attributes consistency and discipline along with hard work, as the main factor for his sustained success. Reid Heidenry also sold the most expensive condo in Mainland Miami ever for 22.3 million at the Zaha Hadid building. Currently, he lives in Miami Beach and is also licensed in New York. Heidenry serves as a realtor for everyone in the Fashion industry from New York to London to LA to Milan. As of now in 2021, he is the number one agent at Sotheby’s Miami Beach office and has sold property over 100 million in the past 12 months. To get in touch with Reid regarding real estate and to get an insight into his life and all the best things about Miami, Follow him on Instagram, @reidestate.

2. Sammy Lyon:

Sammy Lyon is a residential and commercial Realtor in Los Angeles. Sammy brings over a decade of experience in project management to the field of real estate and loves collaborating with others to think outside the box. After 10 plus years of leading innovative education programs at schools and nonprofits, Sammy earned a certificate in Construction Project Management from CSU-Dominguez Hills, started working in affordable housing development, and became a licensed realtor to help more people build generational wealth through real estate. Sammy Lyon bought their first rental property in 2018 and scaled to 10 units in 10 months. Sammy is passionate about strategies to make housing more accessible such as “house hacking” and building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). Sammy Lyon buys value-add apartment buildings in Los Angeles and is also the originator of GoodRents, a social impact project turning tenants into homeowners. Not only this but Sammy also commits 5% of all gross income from real estate to racial and social equity projects. It is possible to work with a realtor who works for good! You should follow Sammy on Instagram at @lyonideas.

3. Joseph Griffin the Tax Deed Wolf:

Author of Tax Deed Investing and Property Investor Joseph Griffin coaches on real estate. If your goal is to make wealth, success, and freedom just like him, you just need to know about Joseph Griffin, the Tax Deed Wolf who had made his first property purchase with only $3000 and selling that property within the same month for $10,000. Exploiting the under-explored market of tax deed auctions, Joseph has created a reputation for himself helping hundreds of ambitious people to get their foot in the door and start generating real value in the oldest, most tested industry of today’s time, Real Estate industry. He’s even worked with established realtors, teaching them his strategies for success in the field through the Tax Deed Wolf Academy. The Tax Deed Wolf has worked hard to achieve financial security and the flexibility to concentrate on his enterprises while still being there with his family. He wants others to have the same opportunity. If you want to create the stable, free future of your dreams harnessing the power of affordable property investing, connect with the Tax Deed Wolf at Instagram @taxdeedwolf.

4. Mike Sherrard

Mike Sherrard, a top producing real estate agent with one of the fastest-growing teams at eXp realty, is a social media coach and content creator as well. Today, Mike is considered to be one of the go-to persons as a realtor trainer and real estate agent in North America. He joined eXp realty in 2020 and till today more than 3000 agents have enrolled in his social media training program for realtors. He has helped thousands of agents scale their business and double their business by implementing strategies. He has ranked #1 as a realtor on social media in Calgary and Alberta. Through his hard work and consistency, Mike Sherrard has become one of the most famous and rising social media realtors. His struggles have made him even stronger, made him stronger, giving him the drive to achieve all he has set out to do. If you want to know more about Mike Sherrard, you can check out his Instagram,  @mike_sherrard.

5. Joshua Baris:

Joshua Baris, a top-producing realtor who consistently ranks in the Top 1% of Licensed New Jersey Real Estate Agents. Baris has been referred to as a “Celebrity Realtor” or “Realtor to the Stars” appearing on many National Television Networks.

It’s no secret that Joshua has accomplished a grocery list full of high-level accomplishments but he delivers a powerful message to up-and-coming entrepreneurs looking for breakthroughs. Baris successfully represents professional athletes including Jason Collins from the NBA. Other celebrity clients include musicians and entertainers like Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Mary J. Blige, Kevin Jonas, and countless others. To get in touch with Celebrity realtor, luxury Real Estate Agent, and Best selling author, Joshua, you can reach him via Instagram, @njlux.

6. Aaron Gill:

The successful real estate producer Aaron Gill wasn’t always destined for this field; the first-generation American originally attended a medical school where he found a passion for helping people, being part of a quick-thinking team, relaying information, and participating in some of the most important moments in a person’s life. Within five years of graduating, Gill took those same passions and channeled them into real estate, starting at a small, boutique real estate agency before fully dedicating his efforts to the Chicago real estate market and becoming the city’s number-one top real estate producer. Gill’s rapid progress led him to become the founder of Epoch Chicago, a luxury real estate agency that recently merged with Compass.

With sights on expanding, Gill naturally transitioned into different markets, including Los Angeles through Douglas Elliman. Notably, Gill recently worked on several prestigious projects through LA-based brokerage Douglas Elliman: Hope+Flower, a complex of luxury apartments in downtown LA and the Elmview Residences in Beverly Hills, which he started work on this year after the success of Hope+Flower. With both of these jobs under his belt and the number of projects of significant size and status coming up in both Los Angeles and Chicago, Gill is in high demand and at the height of his career. For more information on Aaron or to contact him, follow him on Instagram @aaronjgill.

7. Michelle Yates:

Most people fall into real estate but in her case, she planned it. Michelle Yates is a realtor in Beverly Hills Ca. Even before graduating from the American Jewish University with a degree in Business Administration, she knew she wanted to serve people for good. Since most of the philanthropists at her university were both residential and commercial real estate agents, she chose to emulate them. Michelle has set her goals for the future which include her desire to develop affordable housing complexes using her education and real estate experience. Furthermore, she also has experience in working with high-profile clients from Malibu to Beverly Hills. Michelle Yates has chosen a realtor as her profession because she loves to help people without being bound to an office environment. Such motivated and inspiring realtors deserve more appreciation and you must follow her on Instagram, @mish_yates.

8. Nathan Khider:

Meet one of London’s top entrepreneurs, Nathan Khider who is well known for his podcast channel, Nathan K Podcast. A high school dropout, Nathan Khider has become one of the top U.K self-growing entrepreneurs through many different ventures including Agent & Homes, Yen Clothing, Nathan K Podcast, and many more. The outstanding entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs have always been a source of inspiration for Nathan. It is not easy to be or to be labeled as a “top entrepreneur” but Nathan kept himself confident and motivated throughout his journey which led him from being homeless to one of the top realtors. Through his podcasts, he wants people to learn from experts in different fields and spread positivity among them. He also set up Nathan K Academy now known as YEN Society, to offer free courses to those who wanted to learn a specific subject. Nathan believes that everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals. Go follow his Instagram for updates on what is coming up next. His account is @nathankhider

9. Dante Campbell:

Another best real estate agent to follow on Instagram is Dante Campbell who enjoys helping people and figuring out how he can use his knowledge and expertise to make their lives easier. He resides in and service in Atlanta and its surrounding cities. Campbell has also worked with Joseph Griffin for Tax Deed Wolf Academy, creating a course that outlines and guides people on how to obtain property for as little as $3000. This has enlightened many people who want to invest in real estate but have no idea where to start. He also guides students in Georgia and Texas, which allows him to use his real estate expertise not only to help people become homeowners but it allows him to provide a way for people to invest their money and create a better life for themselves. Dante Campbell also can connect his clients with the best contractors at reasonable prices. Not only this but Dante has access to realtors all across the country so even if someone is not interested in buying a property in Georgia or Atlanta, he can link him to the realtor from his area. Must follow his Instagram account for more updates, @djrealestate.atl.

10. Shima Katouzian:

Shima Katouzian is an Iranian entrepreneur and one of the best Real Estate agents that you should know about. Shima Katouzian brings her extensive real estate background and her impressive knowledge of Orange County’s premier coastal communities to her practice at First Team Estates / Christie’s International. .In 2019, Shima Katouzian started in Real estate and now she is a team member within one of the most luxurious films in the world. She first stepped into the real estate market as a buyer and investor. Later on, Shima wanted to do more and got involved in a huge investment business where she advises her clients from Malibu, Pasadena, and Hollywood on huge investments. Shima is especially known for her exceptional negotiation skills that garner best-in-class results for her clients. At the moment all of southern California is her market. For more real estate details, you must check her Instagram, @herosheemaz.

So these are the top 10 real estate Influencers that are a must to follow on Instagram.

From what they’re posting, to how they utilize the platform to show off listings and share ideas with their audience is the very reason to follow them and keep yourself updated. However, it is equally important for the realtors to post something that attracts clients. They should post new listings, local businesses, and events in the community, and real estate tips. Following such far-sighted and professional realtors on Instagram will keep the followers updated about their new projects, any good property in their area, and a lot of knowledge related to real estate.