Madelyn Mejia Of LEX Swimwear On Sustainability In Fashion And What Should Always Be Included In Your Beach Bag

Photo Credit: Christina Arza

Madelyn Mejia is the Founder and CEO of LEX Swimwear, one of the only bathing suit companies in the world that tailors its collections towards mothers and their sons. A trailblazing company, LEX Swimwear offers coordinating swimwear in striking, clean designs that infuses confidence in the wearer. Not only do they create beautiful and fashionable mother-son outfits, they also have a dedication to social responsibility and sustainability in the fashion industry. 

Recently, Madelyn Mejia talked with Haute Living about LEX Swimwear’s social responsibility, the effects of Covid, and what to wear for the perfect beach day. 

How important is social responsibility & sustainability in the high fashion world and what has LEX Swimwear done to pave the way?

When considering the global retail fashion industry is worth $300 Billion, it’s easy to understand why it’s painstakingly important for the industry to do its part. With high fashion being the pinnacle of the industry, it is crucial for these leaders to lead by example. LVMH recently launched Nona Source as a digital marketplace for their unused fashion and leather materials. Initiatives like this empower the community of entrepreneurs while also taking a stand on sustainability. I am pleased to see our industry embracing change which highlights the importance and paves the way for the missions to become commonplace. With that in mind, I am proud that, at Lex, we have made a mission of sustainability and know we are doing our part to help curb water pollutants. Our fabrics are sourced from a plant bean, grown in arid conditions, have no impact on the food chain of animals, and use 2500 fewer liters of water in the production process. Our production facility is eco-certified and produces less waste which often ends in our oceans.

What is the mission of LEX Swimwear and how frequently do you plan to release collections?

In keeping with our mission of social and environmental responsibility, Lex will be producing one season yearly. We are walking away from the cycle of overproducing, developing, and purchasing as a brand and consumer. At LEX we aim to create wardrobe staples; timeless pieces. Our quality allows the wearer to keep her swimwear for years to come and, with this in mind we want her to add pieces for herself and her son and not have the need to replace them seasonally. Scaling back to one season a year has been refreshing and that can be seen in our collection through the fine details, impeccable fits, and elevated quality. 

Photo Credit: Christina Arza

How did Covid affect Lex Swimwear and the fashion industry in general?

It would be remiss to say Lex and the industry didn’t feel an impact from the Covid-19 pandemic. Supply chain, demand, and collaboration were, at times, put on hold. With our one-season a year model, Lex was fortunate in that it enabled us to pivot and adjust to the daily changes we were encountering. Working with global producers, mainly Italian for our love of the craftsmanship and heritage, still brings us challenges as the unfortunate reality is that Italy has had a tough road in containing the pandemic and most of our manufacturers still have their teams doing the vast amount of work remotely. It is with the heritage though that we see the true dedication through their work and as partners, we are finding solutions daily to support them during this time and produce and develop a new season with Resort. 

What should everyone have in their beach bag this summer?

  • As a mom, #1 is sunscreen! My favorite being Babo Botanicals
  • The LEX “Justin” rash guard is another must. With the summer heat, I like to make sure my son is always protected.
  • The cult-favorite Celine Edge sunglasses.
  • Sustainable beach towels from Baina.

How do you recommend looking chic and put together for a beach day?

Like daily dressing, it all begins with a strong foundation. I choose LEX Swimwear for this but recommend everyone start with a swimsuit that gives you the best fit and confidence. Pair your swimsuit with a skirt which will allow you to walk on and off the beach with ease. It’s all about the layering. I recommend a sandal that takes to the sand easily but will still look polished for cocktails or bites by the pool later. Top it off with a beach bag to hide all the waterside essentials and you are ready to go!

Photo Credit: Christina Arza

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