Angus Onisforou To Start A Cars And Collectables Auction House

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Photo Credit: Angus Onisforou

An Australian young wizard Angus Onisforou is turning heads with the idea of his new auction house that would deal with valuable collectables and cars. At the time when the world is physically distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Onisforou chose to launch his auction house virtually for locals. 

Who is Angus Onisforou? 

A student at the Sydney University of Technology, Onisforou displayed his commitment and passion from a young age. Instead of directing his energies on parties, events and clubs, he utilized his time by channeling his creativity on to something productive and fruitful for the global community at large. Onisforou thought of going beyond the prescribed curriculum of his high school to create a Quad Warning System. The purpose of this device is to assist bike riders to drive safely. 

The increasing number of accidents of bike riders was an unmissable problem that every rider faced while riding on rough terrain. Onisforou’s idea came as a lifesaver for every such person in the world. Any person riding a mobility scooter, quad bike, or golf cart would receive an alert whenever they would be on the edge of entering a dangerous region. 

Where is the Cars and Collectables Auction House? 

After becoming an undergraduate student, Onisforou decided to launch an auction house for collectables and cars. This business reflects his undying passion for collecting common and rare watches from different parts of the world. When asked about the venture, Onisforou said that the platform acts as a one-stop location for sellers and buyers where they get to find a wide range of collectables and cars at the best market prices. 

After carefully going through his business plan with a bunch of local and international professionals, Onisforou believes that his auction house will go live on the internet in the coming months. Starting from a local audience in Melbourne, the platform will eventually expand itself to a larger base of an international audience.