PJ Matlock Shares His Journey To Day Trading

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Photo Credit: PJ Matlock

You can never miss PJ Matlock while naming the world’s best stock traders. His success and accomplishments in the stocks trading industry separate him from the rest. He is among the founders of Atlas trading, one of the largest stock trading chat rooms on Discord you can find. Matlock currently serves as the CEO for Atlas Trading and helps in the smooth daily operations of the chat room. As a platform, Atlas Trading has attracted over 250,000 members and offers the best and most reliable educational content. He has mastered the art of trading stocks and cashed out big. In 2020, he made over $3 million in profit within six months by managing a small account that he started with only $30k. Amazingly, Matlock has clocked over 200 days of trading without making a loss on any single day.

Though he is very successful now, the journey to success had not always been great. It has been characterized by a series of failures and lots of learning. Matlock acknowledges that though he has easily and quickly got better at various things in life, nothing comes close to the struggles and hustles he had to go through to become good at trading stocks. He nearly became bankrupt in the early stages of his career. He would keep on depositing more and more despite the losses he was making. He continued this trend to the point where his friends advised him to quit. Such concerns from friends hit him hard and left him in mental and emotional turmoil. Matlock did not have a wealthy family and did not have a lot of money when he kept losing trade. Besides, he was married and had a wife and daughter who depended on him, so things were getting tough.

Against all odds, he chose to keep going. He was determined and believed that he would make it someday. Seeing other people make money gave him the push to keep on trying. There was hope that it was possible. All that was in his mind was to succeed. It was all about how much one is willing to lose to make it happen and not how much it is at stake. He was more than determined to make things happen.

His persistence finally paid off and now he is a part of the club of big boys who make millions of dollars trading stocks. Matlock believes that stock trading is a skill that you have to learn or be trained in. In your early stages, you should focus more on learning a lot rather than making money. Do not be blindfolded by greed and focus on making lots and lots of money in the beginning. It would be best to treat trading stocks like a casino. The experienced will always triumph over the new guys. Making money comes as a reward for being an excellent trader. It would be best if you started small and focused more on consistency while learning. Success is not 100% guaranteed and quitters never make it to the podium. You will be tested to the limit but never think of giving up.

Matlock has become a global role model and mentor to thousands of stock trading enthusiasts. He uses his social media platforms to encourage and motivate others to trade stocks. You can reach out to him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.