This Serial Entrepreneur Only Invests In Companies That Value Diversity And Inclusivity – Didi Wong

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Photo Credit: Didi Wong

Didi Wong is a distinguished serial entrepreneur, international best-selling author, award-winning keynote speaker, mentor, investor, interior designer, and she’s a dedicated mother of four.

She was born in Hong Kong, raised in England, and now lives in Los Angeles, working in the industries of public speaking, TV, movie & film entertainment, alternative investing, business and speaking coaching as well as real estate.

It may seem like Didi’s life is chaotic and spinning out of control from an outside perspective. But, from the inside perspective, Didi is calm, cool, and deliberate with her time, energy, and money. And because of this ideal, she only invests in companies that value diversity and inclusivity.

“I invest in companies that care about inclusivity and diversity. Because when you value these things, you also value growth. Why? It’s only natural for people to go where they’re comfortable. But if you want to grow, you have to go where you’re uncomfortable, meet new people who don’t look or speak like you, and try new things,” says Didi.

Growth is a core value for Didi Wong, specifically helping each other grow. That’s why she focuses on companies who value both inclusivity and diversity, companies like Thin Energy, Genius Key, and Queens Gaming Collective, just to name a few!

Genius Key is an aptitude evaluation tool that provides a person with an honest and practical assessment to reach their peak potential. The science-based tool does this by determining their strengths and weaknesses and partnering them with others who can skyrocket their success.

The other company Didi invests in is called the Queens Gaming Collective, which is a women-led gaming lifestyle company. The company works head-on to face the current diversity and gender equity issues in the gaming industry. Their ultimate goal is to expand the global network of women creators, streamers, and competitors, and they do it by providing them with infrastructure, resources, and representation.

When asked why she only invests in companies that value inclusivity and diversity, Didi says, “When we learn about other cultures, we’re able to grow as individuals. Let me explain to you what I mean…”

“In March of 2020, I traveled to Egypt where the WEF’s National Council of Women and the Egyptian Government honored me with the “Recognition & Excellence” Award. Instead of going home right away, I decided to stay in Egypt for an extra day. And that was one of the most eye-opening trips of my life. Because when you go into other countries and take the time to talk to people, you find different perspectives, different stories, and you develop a deeper understanding for and connection with people.” If you’re looking to connect with Didi, you can visit her website at