Criss Bellini’s Inspiration For His Masterpieces

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Photo Credit: Criss Bellini

Despite only starting his art career in January 2020, Criss Bellini has already made a lot of money and a name for himself as an artist. From fashion icons to entrepreneurs, almost everyone is in awe of his talent and in love with his artworks. Even art enthusiasts and critics can’t help but be drawn to his creations. He fuses traditional and digital art to create masterpieces that are unlike anyone has ever seen before.

Criss Bellini cannot emphasize enough that he doesn’t create artworks with a planned meaning/message behind them. He always encourages the audience to interpret the piece in whichever way they want. For that reason, there are usually multiple interpretations of his creations, and he doesn’t push his thoughts through his art on people.

What Influences Criss Bellini’s Art

Like every artist, Criss Bellini’s unique flavor in his works was also influenced by what he’s encountered in his life. Many identify his works and the special touch that he adds gives a whole new meaning to the artwork. So, what exactly are these distinctive elements that Criss Bellini draws inspiration from and uses in his artwork.

Past Experiences

His motivation for his whole journey as an artist is what he has gone through in his life. He may prefer to keep himself anonymous, but he’s not holding his past a secret. After all, it plays a significant role in his art style.

Criss Bellini and his family came from a war-torn country, and they knew that if they wanted to lead better lives, moving to a peaceful place would be the best option. Upon landing in Sweden, they barely knew anyone which made their journey incredibly tough and really challenging. They didn’t have much and Criss never experienced birthday parties, school trips, and other little joys as a kid. He found art as liberation to vent out his feelings and show his true self to the world.

Hip-Hop Culture

Due to the conditions after fleeing from their old home and country, Criss and his family had no choice but to live in a ghetto. It was there when his tastes were attuned to hip-hop. This influence has made him incorporate the culture in his artworks.

He usually bases his pieces on renowned historical works and adds his own touch to them. The elements that he integrates are generally focused on one theme, the hip-hop culture. That may be money or dollar signs, golden chains, and graffiti among many. Fashion icons like Kanye West and Virgil Abloh also serve as inspirations to his works.


One element that is very noticeable in his art pieces is the balaclava. According to Criss Bellini, the mask signifies the truest reflection of who we are and symbolizes freedom.

Many have influenced the talented artist, both in pursuing his endeavor and in his taste as an artist. All the elements combined make his art truly special and it is precisely this that his audience note and love.

Criss is active on Instagram and Facebook where he loves to connect with his audience.