Dr. Kavita Mariwalla Lists 3 Things To Remember Before Pursuing A Career In The Medical Field

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Photo Credit: Kavita Mariwalla

As the world progressed, new forms of work were introduced. The medical profession, once the most revered job was sidelined. But Covid-19 has put the spotlight back on doctors and the medical profession. As it makes its return, Dr. Kavita Mariwalla, an Isplip-based dermatologist with over 16 years of practice, lists three things to remember before considering a career in the medical field.

Ask yourself, why?

The medical field isn’t a regular office. Even when you aren’t directly dealing with patients and injuries, you are part of the stress, chaos, and triumphs of the medical world. Therefore, Dr. Kavita encourages young aspirants to “earnestly ask yourself why you want this job, if do you like to help others, or if you thrive under pressure. The answers you give yourself will come in handy during crises and even determine how you feel about what you do.”

It’s not easy. For anyone.

Yet anyone honest, dedicated, and willing to learn can make it less difficult for themselves. For Dr. Kavita, the medical profession is a test of character. She believes “It’s one of those professions that require you to study the longest which is a way to filter those who aren’t ready for it. However, if you are determined, then never forget that things are mostly, if not always, on the edge. The good side is it can help you hone your intuition, strengthen your sense of responsibility, and derive genuine satisfaction.”

Teamwork is essential

The medical profession is not a one-man game. “It’s all about teamwork,” says Dr. Kavita. She adds, “Teamwork is the most essential part of this job. It’s not about being great friends with everyone, that’s a by-product. Teamwork means doing the best you can do while supporting others to do their best too.”

Dr. Kavita’s suggestions are important as can make young people think about why they desire to enter the medical profession and find genuine answers.