Mohammed Al-Bayat On How Digitization Has Changed The Face Of Modern-Day Marketing

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Photo Credit: Mohammad Al-Bayat

Role models are someone to look up to and be inspired by. Those that are most successful and motivating are those who take it upon themselves to inspire others and help them better their lives, just like entrepreneur Mohammed Al-Bayat.

Mohammed is a Prince Sultan University graduated who excelled within the real estate industry from a young age. Due to his family’s old legacy of providing customers value and expertise, the successful entrepreneur founded his business, Al Bayat Real Estate Group, to continue their legacy.

Aside from his real estate career, the entrepreneur’s aim is to inspire students to find their passions and do everything they can to create a successful life for themselves. Mohammed believes that by continuing to learn, believing in yourself, and acting upon your dreams, anybody can be anything that they want to be.

Through self-belief and self-motivation, Mohammed has made a happy and successful career for himself. Although he has a lot of drive and passion, he has also taken inspiration from others in his life to get there.

As well as being a role model himself, Mohammed thinks about his role models every day to keep him going and striving for more. Being a family man, his biggest role model is his father. First and foremost, his father inspired him to excel in his ideas and strive for his dreams.

Other role models of Mohammed’s include Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet. Businessmen who believe in their ideas and strive for them no matter what is what encouraged Mohammed to excel in her career, and still to do this he admires them.

For Mohammed, role models were extremely important to help him stay inspired and recognize that anything is achievable in life. Now, he is a role model for students and hopes to influence them to excel in their careers to accomplish their dreams.