David Nso – Untold Story

Written In Partnership With DN News Desk

Photo Credit: David Nso

David Nso was born and raised in Cameroon. He moved to the United States as a young adult where he attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He worked hard to start his own business and experienced multiple disappointments along the way. Through his experiences, he learned that failures would be part of his road to success and he never gave up on his dream. At a low point, he lost it all, but David decided to start over from the beginning.

Starting over from the beginning included returning to a previous job and on some days, sleeping in the gym because he did not have a place to live. During that time, David took on as many clients as possible and never doubted his ability. Today, David is a well-known fitness trainer in the Hamptons on Long Island and in NYC. He strongly believes that fitness is more than exercise, it is a complete lifestyle and you are what you eat. His formula for health is 80% nutrition and 20℅ exercises.

In addition to fitness training, David is a business owner of a company called Nso NewYork. Nso NewYork is an active lifestyle brand that promotes comfort and style and blends his love for fitness and fashion. Nso NewYork not only embodies David’s style, but also his African roots. Part of the proceeds from Nso New York is donated to the Nso Inspired Foundation to fund projects for those in need back in his home country. The Nso Inspired Foundation was founded in 2015 to serve the people of David’s native homeland, Cameroon, and to celebrate and share the message of God to continually help others. Nso Inspired strives to improve people’s quality of life by providing no-cost general healthcare, promoting and providing access to sport and wellness programs, as well as educating the community on living a healthy lifestyle.