Why Top Companies Choose Runway Waiters To Cater Their Events

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Photo Credit: Runway Waiters

There is a simple answer to why top companies trust Runway Waiters, and that is because this event staffing agency chooses top models as their staff. Businesses that capitalize on catering services are in no way rare. However, there is no other staffing firm in the United States that can beat the professional level of Runway Waiters, and leading brands can attest to that. Visit www.RunwayWaiters.com

For instance, a representative from Louis Vuitton praised the service of the models and thanked them for playing a big part in turning their event into a huge success. Aside from LV, the agency has also offered its services to Google, Facebook, Ferrari, Uber, and many more luxury brands and leading companies. It is guaranteed that the guests will leave the event satisfied and pleased with the assistance of Runway Waiters’ staff.

What Runway Waiters Offers to Top Companies

Renowned fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Versace, among many others, have given testimonials about how Runway Waiters contributed to the success of the events that they have hosted. Specifically, here is what the agency can provide to its clients with its stunning and skilled staff.

Runway Waiters provide a complete service

This staffing firm guarantees satisfaction and therefore works to cover everything that is needed to host the event. From the staff to the food and decorations, Runway Waiters provides it all.

When it comes to the staff specifically, the models are trained in bartending, catering, and all staff roles like hosting, serving, greeting guests, and more. The company can even hire the Runway Waiters’ brand ambassadors who will serve as their representatives and communicate to the guests to promote the business.

The staff are trained and praised for their excellence

When it comes to the team itself, the agency boasts experienced models signed from top modeling agencies in the United States. Among many of the companies that Runway Waiters has worked with are Ford, NEXT, Vision, and Wilhelmina.

Aside from being undeniably good-looking, the models are intelligent and excel at spontaneous conversations with the guests to keep them entertained and engaged.

Runway Waiters is experienced in the event staffing industry

The agency provides its services to Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Texas. With years of experience in the industry in several locations, the Runway Waiters’ staff has also detailed knowledge of different types of events.

Runway Waiters has covered charities and fundraisers, grand openings, marketing campaigns, product launches, publicity stunts, red carpet events, showrooms, trade shows, and world premieres.


Runway Waiters wasn’t accidentally chosen by some of the most prominent corporations worldwide. The agency hires models that are signed with top modeling management in the United States, and they are trained to provide excellent service. They even have experience in assisting in different ways for different types of events. So, it is safe to say that there’s no better event staffing agency in the nation. Visit www.RunwayWaiters.com