Attorney And Co-Founder Of Justice HQ Shares Key Advice On Taking Your Firm To The Next Level

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Robert Simon

According to Robert Simon, co-founder of Justice HQ and founding partner at the Simon Law Group, “The shift to technology-centric law firms was bound to happen. The worldwide pandemic simply sped the process up.”

Robert Simon and his twin brother Brad Simon have been using the power of technology to power their legal firm, the Simon Law Group, for years. Although some people may have just discovered Zoom recently, they’ve been using it in their business for the last decade. And they’ve integrated technology into their law practice, from the discovery process to mail sorting online.

After realizing just how powerful media is for attorneys and law firms, they brought on Teresa Diep as the head of media for Justice HQ. Soon after, the firm scaled quickly, and Simon attributes the success to their use of technology. “Many offices and co-working spaces to collaborate shut down because of the pandemic, but it brought Justice HQ as a solution for many attorneys,” says Simon.

“Community and collaboration are key in this industry, but having a physical office for firms is pricey and causes high overhead in a new firm. With Justice HQ, you no longer have to waste money on a fixed office space. You can get a virtual office or look into Justice HQ for physical location options. Justice HQ comes with media and speaking engagements for its members, and it’s a well-known community with access to high-end office spaces,” says Simon.

“Having a space to collaborate is important because your community opens up doors for you. If you know the right people and get a call for a case outside your expertise, you can partner with them and monetize your relationship. Get involved! All my best friends are lawyers, and it helps me talk about scaling our practices, trying cases, and discovering new ways to settle cases,” says Simon.

If you’re looking for another general concept for success, Simon says to “Think Scale!” “It’s true that we are in a service-based business, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a commodity. This is your business, and you can scale it to a whole new level with the right systems, processes, and team members. If you’re the only one taking care of the work, you can only get so far. Think scale from the start, and you’ll get there!”