Raphael Gnn Sheds Light On Digital Marketing’s Pivotal Role Amid The Pandemic

Written in partnership with DN News Desk 

Photo Credit: Raphael Gnn

The global pandemic forced stores to close their doors, and consumers flocked online to buy everything they needed. Digital marketing became the key to keeping businesses afloat. Raphael Gnn is the man behind the social media marketing agency ‘Ace Up Media,’ and he has many insights about the role that digital marketing played throughout the pandemic. Here Gnn shares some of those insights with us.

Gnn’s first insight is that the pandemic caused digital marketing to become a crucial service overnight, and print advertising lost its value as potential customers could no longer leave their homes. Gnn feels that digital marketing rose to the challenge as digital marketers started expanding the reach of online advertising to integrate social media features fully. Gnn shares that one of the essential elements that digital marketing provided throughout the pandemic was Instagram’s shoppable feature. This feature essentially turns ads into a shoppable experience, where consumers can view an ad and purchase the product with just a few simple clicks. Digital marketing, Gnn says, no longer serves just to complement a business’s advertising campaign; it has become a lifeline for companies trying to stay afloat amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic. Gnn believes that the essential role that digital marketing has played throughout the pandemic will cement it as a crucial marketing tool. Gnn expands on this, saying, “The pandemic suddenly placed a worldwide spotlight on digital marketing, and I believe that as businesses continue to navigate this new normal, they will depend more and more on digital advertising.”

Photo Credit: Raphael Gnn

Early to success, Raphael Gnn started the ‘Ace Up Media’ agency at the age of eighteen. He built the business from scratch, inspired to invest all he had in it by his certainty that social media marketing would be the future of advertising. His prediction proved correct, and the ‘Ace Up Media’ agency, which started with just Gnn at the helm, now has a team of twelve and continues to grow. On the future of digital marketing beyond the pandemic, Gnn says, “I still believe that digital marketing is the future and that it will remain an essential tool for every business.”

The future for businesses and the world at large remains uncertain, but according to Raphael Gnn, digital marketing will remain a reliable service far beyond the pandemic.