16-year-old Social Media Marketer Efthymios Savvidis Points Out The Top Five Challenges New Social Media Marketers Face In Their Careers

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Photo Credit: Efthymios Savvidis

At just 16 years old, Efthymios Savvidis had already established himself as a prominent social media marketer. He has built his own brand in the highly competitive field of social media marketing. He enjoys a strong social media presence, with his Instagram Network reach of over three million users.Based in Greece, Efthymios is working with musicians, Instagram models, and other celebrities from all parts of the world. He helps them create and establish their brands by boosting their social media presence. Recently he launched his first company, Advanced Media, a marketing agency to help him expand and diversify in his social media marketing career.

he has had to endure lots of industry challenges and obstacles to establish himself. Learning and getting to understand how the Instagram algorithm works were among his first challenges. The Instagram algorithm is important to understand for social media marketers as it gives them the idea as to what kind of content will make an impact on their audience. For instance, he believes that Instagram feeds display his content to only 25 percent of his followers, making it hard for him to reach a broader audience. He, however, mastered the art of finding his way around these kinds of restrictions which is why he is the best at what he does.

Efthymios points out the top five challenges that a social media marketer has to deal with in their career.

  1. Finding the right platform

The social media space is one big space that has numerous platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Discord, and Instagram. The biggest challenge that every ambitious social media marketer faces is choosing the right platform that will work for them. He chose to stick with Instagramas his preferred platform for marketing. It has perfectly worked for him, and he is currently enjoying a massive following and reach that is drawing clients his way.

2. Learning the dynamics of the channel

The various social media platforms provide users with a unique experience. The algorithms also vary from one platform to the other. There is no universal strategy that works across all the platforms. It is usually the marketer’s job to understand all platforms and design a social media marketing strategy that works well with their content.

3. Striking a balance between private content and product personalization

Social media marketers frequently find themselves torn between where to draw the line between product personalization and their own private content. This is because most of their social media followers tend to subscribe more to personalized social content as it generates more meaningful engagement.

4. Setting goals with well defined key performance indicators

Although creating brand awareness remains the main goal of social media marketers, they are still struggling with setting the right goals for the specific campaigns. This is because there are not well-defined key performance indicators. Therefore, the marketer’s job is to ensure they set goals with performance indicators to measure the impact of their campaigns.

5. Increasing ad cost

There has been a surge in the cost of ads, as the competition is growing on social media. Marketers have to come up with new and innovative ways to deliver impactful content while trying to keep their ad costs as low as possible.

According to Efthymios, being innovative and resilient is second to none and is the most important thing to master as a social media marketer.