Skinomatics’ Tips For Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Written in partnership with Brand News

SkinomaticsPhoto Credit: Skinomatics

Stretch marks occur when the skin stretches at a rate that exceeds its ability to cope with it. This causes the collagen fibers in the deeper layers of the skin to break down. During pregnancy, stretch marks may occur around your stomach as your skin expands to accommodate your belly’s growth. They may also appear on your breasts, abdomen, bum, hips, and thighs. Although stretch marks are a normal phenomenon, their sight can be depressing to many women, and the thought of how to get rid of them continually boggles their minds right after they give birth.

To some extent, most stretch marks reduce by themselves, but it is unlikely that they will completely go away without you putting in the effort. Studies performed by Skinomatics, a company whose primary goal is to help mothers control their pre and post-birth bodies, reveal that it is possible to reduce the appearance of stretch marks after they have formed and prevented them from happening. 

The products predominantly in the marketplace to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks during breastfeeding are not safe to use during breastfeeding. They may contain chemical ingredients that could be harmful to both you and your infant’s health. It would therefore be safer and more effective to use natural-based stretch mark products.

Skinomatics has a range of omega-rich elasticizing products that are only partially organic and non-toxic which have a high ability to help soothe stretching of the skin by increasing its elasticity. Along with these, Skinomatics gives the following tips that they have proven are efficient at making your skin more supple and elastic, therefore, less likely to stretch during pregnancy and more likely to recover its original vigor.

Moisturize regularly

When your skin is moisturized, its elastic tissue stretches more and tears less, so stretch marks are less likely to form. Moisturize your abdomen at least twice daily with shea butter, and you will barely notice those marks. Skinomatics currently has a body butter product underway that immediately absorbs into the skin, leaving it extra soft, hydrated, and moisturized. Therefore, even if you do happen to get the stretch marks, you will struggle to see them, and if you already do have stretch marks, it will minimize their appearance.

Use oils rich in Vitamin E and A

Vitamin E is well known for its ability to help soothe the stretching of the skin. Skinomatics has a range of products rich in vitamin A and E that you can mix and massage gently onto your abdomen to aid in blood circulation, which helps get rid of stretch marks.

Alternatively, you can refrigerate a mixture of olive oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, and A caplets and use it on your abdomen.

Always stay hydrated

You cannot emphasize the benefits of hydration enough. Your skin’s elasticity corresponds to how hydrated your body is. Reduce your alcohol intake as alcohol dehydrates your body. 

Skinomatics products are specifically tailored to help hydrate and elasticize your skin’s surface to help keep it bonded even when under pressure. So if you’re worried about your body changing after childbirth, Skinomatics provides perfectly safe semi-organic ingredients that will put your fears to rest.