Stacia Mac – This Woman Entrepreneur Is Leaving No Stone Unturned To Help Budding Talent

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Stacia MacPhoto Credit: Stacia Mac

It’s a parent’s job to protect and care for their child and help them grow to be a happy and healthy adult. Most parents are content to achieve just this but some parents go above their calling and help their child achieve greatness. Stacia Mac, the mother of rapper Polo G, is one of those parents.

Stacia Mac owns the talent agency ODA (Only Dreamers Achieve), it now supports many artists but it was born from the commitment and devotion to just one performer. Polo G is an American rapper who experienced a meteoric rise in 2018 with his single ‘Finer Things.’ It was an ascent that was mapped out and coordinated by Polo G’s mother Stacia Mac. Mac originally started her career in property management, a profession that she attests was the perfect arena to develop her skills as a manager. Following high school, Polo G made the decision to forgo college and instead dedicate himself to building a career in the music industry. Once he declared his intentions, Mac did more than just offer her son her blessing. Mac used Polo G’s musical aspirations as the catalyst to create a talent agency that could represent and support him. As his manager, Mac negotiated and finalized Polo G’s deal with Columbia Records. Of juggling the dual roles of mother and manager, Mac says, “For me, there is a very organic link between raising your child and helping them reach success. As a parent, you remain committed to your child’s happiness as they grow older both in their personal and professional life.”

As well as being a talent manager, Stacia Mac is also the host of the podcast; ‘I Birth Legends’, which delves into the stories of mothers whose children have reached fame and success. Mac continues to use her power for turning creative aspirations into profitable careers by working with artists, performers, and creators from every creative medium. Mac says that facilitating the realization of professional dreams has proved to be her calling, “Whether it is my son or my client, I find great fulfillment in helping artists reach their goals.”

Parenting can be one of the most challenging life experiences we can have and sometimes it can inspire you to become more than you are to help your child achieve greatness.