Bryan Michael Nolan On Organizing Shows With Leading Artists Like Tiësto, Migos, Marshmello, And Several Others

Written in partnership with DN News Desk


An event featuring your favorite artists is fun to attend, but difficult to organize. Yet, a well-conducted event goes down in history as a time when the collective consciousness of the audience joined in as one and immersed in the experience that only great artists are capable of providing. Bryan Michael Nolan knows how to put together such exhilarating events. He has organized shows with leading artists like Tiësto, Migos, Marshmello, and several others. Here’s his recipe to organize events that are larger than life.

Bryan is a young American who lives his life chasing the American dream. Entrepreneur, investor, event organizer – Bryan wears many hats and owes a lot of his success to his time management skills. He says, “I’ve been in the industry for over a decade now. That’s enough to teach anyone that it takes serious passion, endless energy, and the willingness to reinvent oneself to succeed in this area.” Bryan has been in business in several capacities and he’s best known as the founder of Royale Society Nightlife and All Access Chicago, which is “a promotion and marketing company that’s synonymous with all the nightclubs and restaurant groups in Chicago.” He continues, “To keep people coming and coming back, the trick is to keep things refreshing and new. Hence, I go for hip hop and EDM shows with famous acts like Drake, Migos, Tiësto, Marshmello, and many more. These global artists choose their venues very carefully. Most of them love to play live and engage with their audience. My job as an organizer is to ensure that every gig is a non-zero-sum game, where both the artist and his audience make the most of their time.”

Popular artists guard their personal lives zealously and it’s not easy to get their dates. It’s in these situations that Bryan’s networking skills come in handy. He says, “I am always on the go, meeting and socializing, and being there where the action is. This intense social life gives me the chance to mingle with the managers of top artists and sometimes the artists themselves. This is where my work begins. I often tell them what events I have in mind and how great it would be to have these artists perform to a big, cheering crowd. Most managers are aware of my work ethic, and since the good news spreads as quickly as a bad one in our industry, they know that I mean what I say. ”

Equal parts work and play never made Bryan a dull boy. Or an unsuccessful one. With his love for new opportunities and passion for his work, Bryan is living and exploring the American dream indeed.