An Exclusive Interview With Leading Entrepreneur Alix Burton

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Alix Burton

One of our most important resources, especially during the pandemic, is transportation. Essential goods are worthless sitting in a warehouse, and this is where the road warriors known as truckers provide a critical service to society. Alix Burton now provides an invaluable service to this industry and its employees.

Alix was never a truck driver, but he has an amazing business mind. In 2012, he launched a trucking fleet and followed this up with a consultation service in 2015. This created a bit of a problem, albeit a problem many entrepreneurs would be happy to have. His business grew at such an exponential rate that Alix was overwhelmed and had a 9-month waiting list for his services.

This led to a joint venture with well-known motivational speaker Eric Thomas and his staff. By utilizing this team, Alix had enough to run the back end of his company, provide customer service, and hire 12 of his own staff members. Now he could focus on the 3 core principles he trains his students in: master, duplicate, scale. More specifically, Alix’s instruction is to master all levels of your business, duplicate yourself so you can step away, then use that time to scale up your business.

With this endeavor now on cruise control, Alix was able to focus on Good Energy Worldwide, his revolutionary digital training portal. The first tool of its kind, this step-by-step guide shows people how to start their own trucking company. Today, Good Energy Worldwide has a fleet of over 100 trucks that generate a quarter of a million dollars a week for Alix’s clients. Superb timing had quite a bit to do with this as Alix added a dispatch course to Good Energy Worldwide in February of 2020. This taught people how to make revenue through dispatch services just before COVID-19 ravaged the world.

This new course alone netted Alix $1 million in 11 months. He currently sees revenues of half a million dollars a month. In all, Good Energy Worldwide is user-friendly and contains resources not available anywhere else, making it a formidable learning platform for aspiring transportation entrepreneurs. And Alix does stress the importance of knowing your business, as he puts education before compensation.

While he does enjoy traveling, thanks to his success, Alix still calls the happiest day of his life paying off his mother’s house. This generous spirit motivated Alix to create the non-profit Fill the Truck Foundation, which sends over a million bottles of water to Flint, Michigan, to help its residents deal with their horrific water crisis.

With society relying on transportation now more than ever, the scaling possibilities for this young mogul are boundless. As he considers Good Energy Worldwide not just a name but a lifestyle, Alix truly does have much to offer fellow entrepreneurs and the critical transportation industry.