David Fichman: Taking Over The Business World As A True Blue Professional And Compassionate Entrepreneur

David FichmanPhoto Credit: David Fichman

David Fichman’s commitment and passion for making a deep impact on people’s lives have brought him to the forefront of the business world.

Isn’t it amazing to know and learn about all those people who have challenged themselves at every step of the way and have pushed their limits to reach a certain prominent position in life? Well, all these individuals are mostly the ones who have gone through it all in the process to inspire greatness. In the vast entrepreneurial world, we find many youngsters today who show the promise in them to take over their chosen industries; however, only a few have done the ‘unique’ and have impacted people’s lives at large. We came across one such high-performing entrepreneur and professional, who through his company has transformed people’s lives for the better: David Fichman.

Like any other kid from the neighborhood, David Fichman grew up in a normal household in Melbourne, Australia. However, he went to one of the top schools in the state to gain the best education. But, he was still different; he wanted to explore more about life and was often found curious with many questions in his head. Even during his schooling, he found himself quite disconnected from the system’s structure and felt that only achieving higher grades and graduating from university was not what his heart sought.

David Fichman, even as a young boy, desired to do something different, something that could offer more value to people and the world. Nonetheless, he started working with a top real estate agent in Australia and worked for six months. While working at a good position in the real estate industry, David Fichman still felt something was amiss. He moved to Cyprus in search of this answer and worked for a media company. His work ethic and commitment helped him even gain the position of manager. David Fichman went ahead to build his own media company.

Within six months, his company grew, where he even hired 25 employees. In the process of building his company and working along with other professionals and employees, he realized how he loved helping them and teaching them things. This opened his eyes towards his true purpose in life. David Fichman left his media business and founded ‘Bootcamp’, a one-of-a-kind project and company that is all about helping people and changing their lives for the better.

With Bootcamp, David Fichman, who is all of 22 years of age, says that they follow a disciplined and strict moral code for deconstructing the issues that people face and help them with their psychological and social issues in life. David Fichman also highlights that Bootcamp is not any traditional therapy session; it has a methodology that helps people in deconstructing the cause, pulling out the seed of the problem, and with holistic understanding, helping people to make permanent changes in their lives. Bootcamp provides people with individual consultations, creating videos and promoting values that encapsulate their message.

Right from a young boy in Melbourne, working in real estate, and building his media company to getting into this industry where he transforms people’s lives for the better, David Fichman indeed proves his passion and commitment for Bootcamp that for him is far more than a business and rather a life mission.