Youmna Khoury’s Take On Successes And Failures

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Youmna KhouryPhoto Credit: Youmna KhouryAccording to Youmna, you either win in a situation or learn from it, there is no such thing as a failure in this life. Every event that occurs in your life should be taken as a learning curve. You must know that whatever happens, happens for a reason and that failures do not exist. You always learn from a situation. According to Youmna, once you manifest this sort of positive energy in your life, you are in for huge successes. She also believes that your success totally depends on your mindset and how you look at things around you. If you are positive about things and truly believe that you can make it, then you will be successful.

Khoury’s own success started when she started her salon in Lebanon, and then eventually created her own online store, selling her top three favorite beauty accessories: contact lenses, luxury lashes, and hair extensions. Her products are made of the best quality which has garnered immense global success. Youmna does talk about how this success did not come easy to her. She had to work very hard for it and make sure that the products she was delivering were of the best quality and value. She is highly grateful to God for all her blessings and success.

Furthermore, Youmna is well aware of the massive role her audience and clients have played in her success. Whenever one starts a business, the public’s support is much needed. If the clients do not buy your product, then your business will not be successful, as making money is essential for a business’s success. Khoury is thankful for her massive clientele and her huge Instagram following who love her products and send her well wishes from all over the world. Her Instagram is a huge asset for her. However, despite the numerous people who love her products, there are also some who don’t. To this Youmns always says that customers must always be no.1 and your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Youmna takes all criticism extremely gracefully and uses those points to further improve herself and her business. She believes that the criticism that unhappy customers give is something that she massively learns from and uses to improve herself. Moreover, Youmna says that she always looks at the positive things which help her become even more successful. In addition to this, she also is a firm believer in the fact that helping others and being kind to those around you will definitely do wonders in your life especially in terms of becoming successful.