Sebastian Cruz Couture – The Luxury Fashion Forerunner To Watch Out For In 2021

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Sebastian Cruz CouturePhoto Credit: Sebastian Cruz CoutureIt’s safe to say that 2020 is a year that most people would like to forget. In the wake of such a testing and tumultuous 365 days, everyone has high hopes for 2021, not least luxury fashion brand Sebastian Cruz Couture.

Founded in Florida in 2013 by the husband and wife team Cesar and Natasha Cruz, Sebastian Cruz Couture is their baby in every sense of the word.

“Sebastian will one day be the name of our son,” explains Cruz. “But until then, we’ll continue to pour all of our focus, energy, and love into the company that means so much to my wife and me.”

Tipped to be one to watch in 2021, the seeds of Sebastian Cruz Couture were sown when entrepreneur Cruz met stylist Natasha and they planned their dream wedding. The two worked extremely well together on both a personal and professional level. Eventually, they decided to turn their attention to the fashion market and began producing a diverse range of high-end and unique linen pocket squares.

Natasha explains, “We identified a gap in the market and were surprised by how much of a demand there was for our product. Once our trademark pocket squares took off, we opened our first Shopify store in 2017 and developed our portfolio further with a range of jackets, shoes, and luxury accessories.”

Sebastian Cruz Couture has since earned a reputation as an innovative, fearless, and dynamic fashion brand that thinks outside of the box and isn’t afraid to challenge industry norms and blaze a trail. They have dressed the greats of the entertainment industry, and 2021 has been tipped as the year when they finally become a household name.

Cruz explains, “It may be a cliche, but fashion is our passion. We don’t see ourselves as merely in the business of supplying top quality clothes; we want to educate, inspire, and empower. We want to be a movement, not just a fashion brand, and I think our tens of thousands of loyal customers across the world identify with this.”

Natasha is quick to reiterate her husband’s mission statement and adds, “Our focus is on quality, not quantity. Our brand may be expensive, but it’s tailored towards a specific market. We have spent a lot of time and effort building relationships, a customer base, and a solid reputation. Our customers are loyal because we offer both style and substance. Their values are our values.”

With word of mouth and industry recommendations saying only positive and glowing things about Sebastian Cruz Couture, it appears that their customer base is set to expand considerably.

Cesar Cruz concludes by adding, “We are all about building long-term relationships with our clients, both new and existing. Yet, we refuse to compromise quality and style in the name of expansion and growth. Like all of the best fashion, our brand is timeless, and we want to build the sort of foundations that will last.”