Dormzi: The Micro-Network Driven Solution That Transforms The Lives Of Entrepreneurs

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

DormziPhoto Credit: DormziIn a world that is now mostly dominated by digital stores, students leverage this opportunity by starting businesses online because it doesn’t usually involve massive capital. And Dormzi, a technology-based, micro-network driven solution, helps these students achieve their goals by monetizing their skills and bringing their ideas into the online world.

Empowering students to fulfill their dreams

You won’t find one entrepreneur who says that he doesn’t want to grow his business. Once you are in, you want to fight your way to the top. And Dormzi gives you that platform to not only start your business but also expand it and fulfill your dreams. It discusses different ways to bring value to students while also empowering them to become young entrepreneurs.

Everyone has different skillsets, and you need to work on yours to become a successful entrepreneur. If you are good at web design, you can use Dormzi to become a web designer. Similarly, if you love painting, you can sell your paintings using Dormzi as your foundation platform.

The founders, Sabine and Milan, share a common idea: If you want to monetize your skills, you should start early, and that means you should start honing your skills when you are a student. And with Dormzi, you get the ideal platform to set up your digital store and showcase your skills based on what you feel comfortable selling.

Influencing students to live a satisfactory life

While starting a business is a risky decision, it also gives you endless possibilities of earning an income that you usually can’t while doing a 9 to 5 job. You don’t start a business just for the benefit of your target audience. You also do it because you want to lead a life that your 9 to 5 job can’t offer.

But it isn’t easy to find someone willing to support your business idea. Most students fail to find a sponsor who would trust them and allow them to use the money and make their dreams a reality. As a result, many promising business ideas don’t see the light of day. But that’s where Dormzi wants to make a difference.

Dormzi allows students to interact with students from different colleges in their state and even in the country to find partners who share similar business ideas. It also gives them a marketplace where they can connect with businesses, startups, and individuals to gain work experience while keeping autonomy in their own hands.

The objective of Dormzi is simple: if you dream of living a luxurious life, you should aim to make a difference by maximizing your passion, idea, and perspective. Their goal is to build a generation of entrepreneurs and provide the necessary tools for students to become successful business owners by graduation.

The question is, do you have what it takes to become the entrepreneur you want to be? Do you want to change your everyday lifestyle and transform it into the life you’ve always wanted? If you do, Dormzi has its doors open to help you fulfill that dream and pave the way toward your entrepreneurial journey.