TikTok Creator Shailen Vandeyar Is Redefining The Norms Of Digital Success

Shailen VandeyarPhoto Credit: Shailen Vandeyar

Written in partnership with DN News Desk 

Now that TikTok has amassed more than one billion users, its success can be rooted in digital content creators, aka TikTokers. Shailen Vandeyar, a digital marketing expert and creator of @Laugh on TikTok, entertains and enjoys a massive fanbase of approximately 1.2 million fans and has garnered over 56 million likes.

The twenty-five-year-old Australasian has had his hands in digital marketing for a while now. He says it’s impossible to grow a brand online without a fluent understanding of social media. Especially if your target demographic is a millennial or younger. Vandeyar has grown his follower-base to well over a million followers from a global audience.

Vandeyar’s first company was an online gear selling platform called GadgetsYouNeed. This project springboarded him into VG Media, a marketing firm where he grows brands for his international clients. Vandeyar is redefining the norms of digital marketing success. He embraces multimedia platforms and uses innovative social media strategies to spread his message. 

Vandeyer’s TikTok content is geared towards getting laughs–hence his appropriate handle. According to Vandayer, the secret to good TikTok content isn’t just about a post’s potential for hilarity. He says it’s actually exactly the same as digital marketing: You have to know how to tell a story in a few seconds. Once you can tell a story in an image or two, you’ve hacked the secret to compelling content.

In the digital world, you need to have an understanding of social media to create a successful brand. Shailen Vandeyar is one storyteller who is taking user-generated content to the next level.